Have angels spirits and demons an independent separate existence or are part of you?

Are angels, spirits and demons separate, independent, extrnal entities, or are they aspects or parts of your own self?




Our higher self make up who we were but that aren’t us. We are our own being. Each life is a new layer to our soul. That’s how I see it at least.


Then, if they are, also yourself, I suppose all or great part of any magickal work, any manifestation etc, can be also achieved by you alone, trhough meditation, visualization, mental programming. etc?

Separate from you, they’re their own person regardless of your belief in them, or whether youre dead or alive.

Only case I find them to be aspects of ourself is when theyre ones of our own creation (thoughtforms) which essentially are aspects of our mind given some form. But that’s just me.

Yep. Personal development has always been a part of every spiritual tradition ever created. Praying to the gods, or whatever spirits one reveres, has never been a replacement for actual work on yourself. In ancient times, you were expected to carry your own weight. Visualisation, meditation, and mental programming techniques all come from ancient spiritual practices, and their use can be traced as far back as biblical times. There was a reason “Know Thyself” was written above the Oracle at Delphi.

Now, it seems like no one wants to take the time to actually learn anything, and would much rather just light a candle, chant an enn and summon some demon to do it, as if it were that easy.


I’ve noticed this, me i evoke spirits to peel back another layer to learn more about myself through the lense of evocation. Hell just the thoughts, impulses, emotions or form of the spirit evoked can prove insightful.


That is the right question to ask.

On one level, they are wholly external being separate from yourself, but on another level, they are aspects of your being. It really depends on how far along the path to your higher self that you are. A person just starting out will see spirits as external, but a person who has done a lot of theurgical operations or works with their higher self as an extension of their being will see spirits internal, at least to a degree. As within so without after all.

TL;DR it’s both.