Lately, I’ve been having this intention of infesting somebodies house with demonic hauntings.

I would do this by means of evocation, but I don’t know which demon to evoke for this?

Is there somebody who has done this, and if so, by which demon?

The reason why I want to unleash this into these people’s house is to punnish them without really harming them physically.

At first glance this might look like a juvenile idea, but hey, boys will be boys, right?

FYI, I have no possibility of entering that house, otherwise it would be quite simple, just by opening a gateway there.

(although come to think of it, this must be possible on an astral level, isn’t it?)

You know I actually have a bit of interest of doing this sort of thing to my workplace just because it’s so damn boring there and I think having some crazy spirits around would liven things up a bit. Of course it would be better just to use the occult to find a new job which I’m in the process of doing, but even so. I’m not sure how much success I would have with the astral method of doing this as in the past I have had trouble projecting to the physical plane for some reason, I’ve been getting better at it but I’m not sure if I’m there enough to do what is described in that post just yet. Any other good methods of making this happen? I know Dante said door open water could attract spirits aligned with a certain cause by putting them around your temple, I wonder if it could be used to do something like this?

There’s also a demon in book of Azazel that has some control over ghosts, maybe it could help in doing that sort of thing?

If you’re into Fae Magick at all, calling on the Faeries would liven the place up! Annoying as hell, these little guys 'n girls are, but basically harmless. They are creatures of the Air element, and liken to the Sylphs. Very Prankster-ish on a small scale! :wink: Z

yeah Ihaven’t really done anything with fae, do you have any recommendations for a good source to learn how to do stuff with them?

Its really just my heritage, so its not something I’ve studied, per se . But I can clarify a few points that’ll help ya out.

Faeries are what you’d call ‘lower level’, I think. They don’t do “Hi Voltage” work; they’re kinda in their own little world, rather like our various animals. They just "be faeries’. But they can be led/directed to a degree; mischief is their source of fun. Sometimes you can coax them with shiny trinkets - they LOVE shiny baubles. And praise, They love to be praised.

The difficulty with faeries lies in their indiscriminate-ness. In other words, prepare yourself now to have SOMETHING - your keys, a piece of jewelry, the coins on your dresser -will invariably come up missing. You’ll find it - somewhere - long after you’ve given up. (Hope you have a spare set of keys!)

Good Luck! :wink: Z

Lesser demonic spirits can be pretty fun to put on another who is bothering you, they can also cause sickness and pain after a while.

Amazing & Inspiring story Bran; Love it!! In a nutshell, I’d say He responded positively to your invite and offered one in return. A common-goal bond…

Thanks for such an affirming story! Can.t wait to see more. :wink: Z

Oh, I don’t think its that at all Bran. I think Timothy’s post for today pretty much stole everybody’s thunder. Gotta say, rightly so. If you’ve not read it, I recommend… Kitari’s response was dead on the money for me as well: Answered every question, division & resistance I’ve EVER felt coming from within myself regarding My relationship with the Path of Black Magick… :wink: Z

Bran…are you joking? LOL. When I first read this what instantly came into my mind was an exercise that I designed for a regular ole bitch and her husband that lived down the street.

Now the reason I did not come in with it…I know I post way too much and everyone is sick of my stories by now…so there…take that…lol. No, I see you as MORE than credible…

The exercise I designed was the fact these people lived in a mobile home…I never went inside but looking at the house I could tell where their bedroom is located. So each night as I would lie down to sleep, I would go into the astral in my mind and I would see myself swinging from this long rope attached to the heavens above. I could swing on it and travel any place I wanted. It just so happened, I wanted to swing through their metal walls into their bedroom while they slept…and fast…a constant swinging and flying through their space and even through them…to irritate the hell out of them…and they would not even know what it was or what was happening in their own house. So bottom line…I got back at her…although she did not know what was happening…I got satisfaction and I did not kill anyone that time…LOL…

Uncle Fester strikes again…

Thanks “Uncle Fester”, much appreciated :slight_smile:
But never mind, I think it was the combination of the Full Moon and way to much beer.

[quote=“Bran, post:10, topic:135”]Thanks “Uncle Fester”, much appreciated :slight_smile:
But never mind, I think it was the combination of the Full Moon and way to much beer.[/quote]

Yeah I figured some such! I just ignored it, cuz that morose attitude was NOT the Bran I’m used to! :wink: Knew it had to be the effects of a “bad day” or something … happens. Welcome back, real Bran :wink: Z

Bran you’re getting drunk and hanging out on the forum, that’s fucking awesome, bro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. It’d be way more fun if we were all getting drunk together in person and fucking talking about this stuff.

Well, I do not drink at all…but I do play with my chemistry set.

And the Dr just told me he will not give me a perscription for viagra as I am already a danger to the community…

I also had to tell my cat after I got the results of my Dr. appointment yesterday…(my doctor and his nurse had to check my blood pressure 5 times and could not believe it…) They wanted to know what I was doing that had taken it down to below normal…I had to tell my cat that it must be him that had “got diabetes” that he looked at me and said that twice…he is not a happy camper today…he is being rather quiet…

and when I told the dr what my cat had said…after a long pause he did ask me if I had a real cat…ha…

But I hope I will be allowed to sit in with the group even tho I do not drink or smoke anything…

Uncle Fester

He’s Ba-ack! Thanks for the giggle, Maxx. Luv Ya, Brother! :wink: Z

Luv you to…especially after your shapeshifting ritual you did…

Hmmmmmmm…maybe I need to try one of those.

Uncle Fester

[quote=“Maxx, post:15, topic:135”]Luv you to…especially after your shapeshifting ritual you did…

Hmmmmmmm…maybe I need to try one of those.

Uncle Fester[/quote]

I would miss uncle Fester, but … I say GO FOR IT, DUDE! Oso is killier-awesome to Work with … :wink: Z

@Timothy, yeah, wouldn’t it be great to have a get together? But if that would ever happen, you guys will all have to come to Europe, I’m afraid. The U.K would be great (lots of powerfull places there) but Belgium also has lots to offer. And if you’re into beer, there are about 1150 kinds of beer to chose from here, the strongest beer having an alcohol percentage of 14 %.

@Maxx: of course you’re welcome to join…We’re gonna need a designated driver, right? lol just kidding :wink:

@zoe: yeah, had a bad day yesterday but like u said: it happens! But what matters now: this is the real Bran writing :wink:

Bran…you mean designated pilot…Uncle Fester flies a plane.
And my favorite city in that area is Moscow…Always loved to stay at the Savoy hotel the Rothschild family owns because of all the local art work on each hallway floor that is always for sale.

And Zoe,if that ritual makes Uncle Fester just half as hot as you do, then there is no telling how much more of a danger I will be…

Uncle Fester

@ Maxx. This is meant as a compliment coming from me but sometimes you remind me of what I imagine talking to a young austin spare must’ve been like. lol

Moscou, yuk! If there’s one place on this planet that I hate, then it’s Moscou. Don’t know why, but that place doesn’t charm me.

But on the other hand, staying in the Savoy Hotel? There I could be tempted. :-))