Haunting Servitor

Hey all!

Recently I found someone at work was fucking with me. This is someone I had let in on a few theories I have about reality, so he knows that I would jump to certain conclusions with situations he’s put me in.

I had worried that I didn’t properly close a ritual and something had gone to work with me. On top of this, this coworker sexualizes me constantly.

I was thinking of making an annoyance servitor to take the form of a stereotypical ghost. I don’t wish him bodily harm, just enough to mess with his day to day life.

I’d love any thoughts on this; has anyone worked with “annoying” another through magick? Has it backfired into more serious grievances?


Honestly I just decide to create a servitor with all my rage and send it to my victim. I dont care if they are dead. Only that they suffer which usually helps me.


You could just try a binding spell so they are unable to act against you and let it be… theirs no need to do anything… permanent here…


Update: we landed a second location for the business I work at, so this coworker went there and is only back to our location on my off days.

sometimes shit works out

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