Haunting at night

Hello, All. At the beginning I want to say that I am not asking for an advice. I do want to share my experiences and my point of view because maybe some of you have similar problem. Things that happened to me are my past except when I write "until now’ or something like that.

Since I remember I had been haunting, expecially at nights but not only. I used to have nightmares, sleep paralysis, I had been having many random mistakes at my private life.
I had been seeing balls of light (looked alike orbs) and black energies. Sometimes I hear voices (until now). Most of that happened to me while I had been sleeping but not all so I was feeling like crazy one and I did not wanted to share that feelings with anyone.
I changed my mind when I found there are people who are making hipnotic regression so I focused on looking for a one who I will like. I had met ‘my’ one, she was like warm blanket, very lovely, positive and honest person. She was the session leader and there was a medium also. I did not speak to him but I think he is like her.
While they were checking my energy and a part of my past lifes, etc., I was listening to them.

So, many years ago, as newly reincarnated soul (young and inexperienced) I made decision to join into magical assembly. I had sawn woman who had powerty like shaman or witch-doctor and I wanted to do the same. She had agreed to take me as her student and she was acting like she was doing it reluctantly when the truth was she wanted me more than any human she had met. She had sawn freshness, innocence and lots of vital energy in my eyes and she desired that like predatory animal wants raw meat. She used to be powerful because ‘being’, with witch she had agreement, was occasionally going into her body. It had made an impression on me so we started to meet for years (much more that one incarnation but I do not know how many, I have not meet her in that one so I could take a breath).

She used to teach me but it was not clear personal development, it was system which had been taking away from my all my energy and giving to me a part of it if I was a good dog. When I wanted to take a step because I felt something was wrong they were lossening the leash. They tooked from me all my happiness, love, creativeness and were keeping me in fear, sadness and hate to control, ‘eat’ my emotions and using my energy as their own. However, on the top of the hierarchy, there was no human being. It was reptilian being whose had been showing to me in many different forms. Sometimes as good friend from my past who wanted to help me so he had been talking to me (I heard that in the physical plane and sometimes I still do :P), sometimes as worst enemy (of course he didn’t presented himself, it was pretending that there was many other beings and he is the human and good one). I believed its for a while but in that incarnation my mental body had sent an idea to my physical form (just me) to find help from medium and session leader. They cleaned my energy so actually I don’t have any outside connections.

However, the reptil sometimes goes back to me to inform me he is seeing me or something like that (to scare me). It is looking after old way to get a stability.
By the way there was other beings also. I was in the down of the hierarchy but I got a chance to ‘evolve’. I’m lucky I didn’t wanted. So there were a people mixed with reptiles who in their past used to be a normal humans but they decided to make their connections deeper. They lifed as clergymen using their positions for evil purposes to in the end stop reincarnating and wear an angel’s mask but in reality they were ‘lost’ people with empty eyes. They had been presenting as very atrractive people with wings (on the inmaterial plane) but they had to hide their eyes. They wanted to run away from place where they had been sitting. They did that on the session.

The last but not least interesting thing is that they programmed me to make me curious for a magical and occult things. Their plan was to challenge me on the phycisal plane by ‘haunt’ me and make me scary to use my curiosity so they could make me a witch and take more energy from me by my praying and magical actions. Something like ‘I’m gonna haunt you at night unless you pray so I’ll take your energy and let be you so we both will be happy’.

Maybe that story is chaotic but I am just letting my thoughs to move out.

My advice is to check your energies to make sure you are free. Except that, don’t listen to ’
teachers’ who will be saying the anwers you are looking after are beside you; somewhere alse. ALWAYS in your ‘heart’ or mind and to get them you only have to meditate and wait.

I want to see how ones like them are treating by people who are coming back into their true powerty. Physical plan is hard because human bodies are ‘blocking’ our connection with immaterial world to let us evolve into more advanced and experienced soul (reincarnation) but it unfortunalety gives a chance to a parasites to use us without our knowledge. Be careful because one mistake may take away from you a few thousand years.
I didn’t wanted to tell about that because I was thinking that they may still haunt me and want to stop me but I’m ready. I’m the one who control myself so I’m not afraid anymore. I feel connection with my mental body after all that that and I life in freedom. Finally I can use my own energy as I want without pleasing, beggig or praying.