Haunted Squadbay

So I graduated from USMC bootcamp a few weeks ago and I’m currently in a thing BMP. BMP is where you go if you injure yourself at the end of bootcamp, for me I managed to brake my foot. As it turns out our Squadbay is haunted as shit, I mean blatant shit. Even all the people that don’t believe in spirits are fucking speechless and acknowledge it. It’s been going on for as long as BMP has been around. One Marine even got tied down to his rack by our SSgt after a bad Ouija board experience. Its also happened a lot where our combination locks will no shit unlock themselves fall on the ground and relock! I’m stoked! Maybe this is my chance to get my astral senses open and communicate with whatever is here. Maybe get a manifestation as well because lots here say they’ve seen figures multiple times! Just thought I’d share and see what you guys think? Thanks.


Thank you for your service. It certainly sounds like a good opportunity for some practice. You may even be able to help some of them move on.

Idk. I’d be careful with working with that. If it is the spirit of a marine who was killed there or just went back there to mess with the new recruits you may have your hands full if you open yourself up to him amd invite him in. He is a trickster and likes to get attention which he feeds from. He may like it there and not want to go anywhere! He sounds a bit agressive but then again aren’t all combat ready marines? But your Sgt having to tie someone down shows me that this could go very wrong. I would like to know more details about that to read it better. What happened? What did the guy say during and after the experience? What hapoened after? Is he fine? Still acting differently or experiencing issues? These are important questions to answer before i could properly advise you.

I am not trying to put bad shit out there. Im sorry. I am usually the positive one! I am telling you that if you are inexperienced in dealing with entities like this you need to be careful and tread lightly before opening yourself up to him to communicate. Make sure you have shields up to prevent a walk in situation if you do not know how to evict him. He may be fine with conversation. I’m not saying he won’t. Just, like always , cya. Cover your ASS soldier!! And have fun.

Ps. Sorry about your foot.


Why is it there’s always a Ouija board involved…


Yea there have been alot of people that have died in this bay and the one down the hall, in fact a recruit just died this weekend down the hall. From what i heard about the ouija incident, a few Marines were messing around with it in the whiskey locker( basically a walk in closet where cleaning supplies are held) when one guy started freaking the fuck and attacking everyone. They locked him in the locker and got one of our SSgts. When they opened the door he started fighting again till they got him restrained to his rack where he passed out. The Ssgt tried waking him up by doing some dead checks( Very very painful techniques to bring people back to consciousness) to which he did not respond. Ssgt then got our 1st Sgt and by that time he was fine but did not remember anything.

So he was possessed. Walkins are not pleasant. The dead are different from demons. They will be what they were in life. So an asshole is still gonna be an asshole only he might be a little crazy now too. I would not allow one to possess you and to talk to them you kinda have to open yourself up to them. I mean i could be wrong but that is what channeling is. Put up barriers and keep them in place. Keep guards on you and cya.

How did you get hurt? I bet one of them had something to do with it. Don’t mind me but with what I been through i tend to be a little guarded.

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Everyone here got hurt before they came here, this is just were we recover. Also I don’t feel that whatever is here is baneful but wants attention, and it’s definitely more than 1

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Got ya. I agree it’s more than one. And they are not all “nice.” Some are very angry.

Be careful. This sort of thing is better called a “monster” than a “spirit.” It’s a chance to practice banishing and cleansing.

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