Haunted? ** Psychic Attack Protection | If life is falling apart **

Heres what I did when everything fell apart in my life overnight. Maybe it is not the Left-Hand Path way, but that is not why Im posting this. It is to settle down whatever disruptions may have abruptly hindered your present future and life is out of control as Ive seemed to come across often in posts on the forum.

This also works if you are depressed and not sure why, or feel a strange spiritual presence that you just cant shake - say as many have described ‘losing their minds in black magic’. These are techniques to help you through that.

This mantra worked miracles for me. I was almost killed several times and many bad things were following me around in my life. I never experienced a haunting before and I had no idea how to deal with it.

"Archangel Michael,
I call on you for protection, I ask you for this protection, I acknowledge this entity has been part of my learning experience and I shall learn from this.

I ask you now to bring me your protection on all levels, all realitys, all dimensions, and in all timelines.

I ask this on behalf of myself and all multidimensional counterparts of me, associated with me. I am taking action on the physical level and I ask for your polarity response to this action of your protection.

Thank you, Archangel Michael."

It is Very Important to say this no less than 3x per day, or more if you feel the need, and for as long as until you feel better. As I began feeling better and I memorized it I would tailor it to what was necessary. I said it daily for a full 2 months.

Clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness. If you are around a rotting and crusted environment this only dwells a scene for low vibrations. Studying the paranormal Ive found that far less hauntings typically happen in higher class areas, but mostly abandoned or impoverished places.

Most, most, most importantly - DO NOT FORGET to create the light inside you from divinity. White light is extremely important in learning to protect yourself and return to spiritually sanity. In EAs video where he was “Hunted by a Demon” he uses white light to destroy his assassin. The same goes here. I imagine light coming from a star. It is extremely bright, nearly painful to look at, and as powerful as a giant laser maybe from some michael baye character in transformers. This light enters my head, but it can enter from your feet too. You want it to fill up your body until it is shinning outside of each ligament from you. You can let the light shine in the entire room. You can absorb yourself in a ball of golden light and shifting the colors to others like pinks, blues, & greens, etc are useful - once you have completely filled yourself up with white light.

To do this you dont have to see it, but you can just imagine it and it still works. But it doesnt mean that you have to try very hard. Just know that it is there and as soon as you start to think of it it becomes real. Just see it in your mind as virtual as you can and it begins to exist!

Burn sage. Burn palo santo.

Bathe in a mixture of healing herbs such as rosemary and lavender. There are others as well. I mixed it with sea salts from my local occult shop ie dragons blood, frankincense, myrrh, jinx removal, protection, aura cleanse, etc. Boil them in a large pot of water and pour 1-2 cups in a full bath. Refrigerate the rest. You only need about 1/2 cup of each herb, and a 1/2 spoon of 3 or 4 salts. Bathe as often as you feel necessary at least 1x per week in your potion.

Get outside and ground. That means connect with nature. That means shoes off, socks off, then grass, dirt, and fresh air. I learned that leaning up against a large oak tree absorbs your bad energies and restores you. Thank the tree once you are done.

I would go to the beach, bury my feet in the sand, nap, breathe in the fresh air, stretch my fingers into the sunlight, and meditate. Do this one hour a day if possible.

Flowers are very helpful. I got sunflowers, morning glories, and many other dried flowers from my occult shop but I ordered many other seeds I still have not planted. Flowers are alive and bring life and positivity to an environment.

Crystals! I love crystals. Hematite, tourmaline, amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, amazonite, lapis lazuli, asurite, omg whats not pick up? Just look up crystals for protection and try and find clusters as they seem to hold the most potent properties but are also the most expensive.

Learn to meet your spirit guides. You do this through meditation. EA has a really good video on how to meditate. Empty all your thoughts. Whatever you cant help but think of just let it come as you meditate on it. As you relax ask for your spirit guides to meet you. We all have spirit guides. We have guardian angles around us at all times no matter how evil or ignorant you are. We all have spirits involved in our lives at all times.

Most importantly of all - Laugh! Enjoy yourself, have a good time, go out, eat, joke, watch good movies, make new friends, ride the bus or train, sing, dance, put up christmas lights, play happy music, burn incense. Just go out. This is very important to raise your vibrational frequency. It is a scientific fact that ALL things in the universe are made up of the same foundation chemical makeup. Carbon, Helium, and Hydrogen. Those elements are held together by energy. That is what E=MC2 is. And it is what makes up all life in the universe. Youre energy, everything around you is energy, and everything we do is with energy. If your going through a hard time find my thread on my spiritual shared videos they are very enlightening.

After all that you should be doing much better. I also began researching many other Archangels, and just recently began making sigils, and studying evocation and demonology. But this is where I had to start because I entered an out of control unexpected situation. I was an avid atheist and although I am still an atheist I definitely learned there really is something else besides us in the universe. I made this post for anyone looking for those kinds of answers. Good luck.

Some helpful links:
This white witch has some very good videos for meditating on positivity
He helped me relate
Shes very helpful

Treborseven and Huff Paranormal were also very useful and calming youtube channels I discovered during this time.


Great advice, and this bit above is very important - even "ordinary people"vecourtoancestors, sometimes known spirits like gods, angels, demons, often also unknown or unnamed beings who wish to protect them, so don’t overlook this.

I learned that leaning up against a large oak tree absorbs your bad energies and restores you. Thank the tree once you are done.

Making friends with some local trees is a really good idea, for lots of reasons, and this one of them. :slight_smile:

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Very good advice… I’d only substitute White with Golden light

Very good info. Thanks!