Haunt: Case Jack and Janet smurl

Has anyone read or heard about the haunt at the house of the couple Jack and Janet ??
It is one of the most intense, there were even cases of dematerialization and materialization of objects and even the family dog ​​…

Pig bones were found in a fabric forming a hexagram …
I keep imagining ourselves, here at Balg, doing something of such power …

Someone opinion ??
What do you think??
Does anyone know power entities like that ??
What would be the bones ?? and what it would be like to do something, so powerful …

I don’t follow media much to know about this, do you have a link?

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I live in Brazil!
So the only link I have is the YouTube channel that searches and makes video …
But there are books and films about the case in English … Just search for the couple’s name Jack and Janet Smurl

I’m listening to the youtube video with Carin Smurl’s account (youngest(?) daughter).
Sounds like there was a lot of hype and misinformation around this stemming from a reporter with an agenda - the ‘demon’ was never there from day one.

A few things happened and it could be a clusterfuck of overlapping issues in the house and land.

  • A local tragedy occurred with a husband murdering a wife
  • Someone else lost the house to forclosure and cursed it
  • Homes in the area are all having paranormal issues
  • “bloody rock” is a battle site nearby with it’s own paranormal history

It may also be built on Native American burial grounds, that’s a well known issue that’s rightly called out a lot, or it’s on a node on a ley line, or the land spirits are upset. Lots of things can go wrong when people build without reference to spirit and the land.

I think the reference to ‘demon’ is a red herring. Xtians just call everything ‘demon’ regardless of what it is, ghosts, kinesis etc, and that’s not useful.
Lesser entities, shadow people, ghosts and parasite aplenty though. They followed them when they moved out, so I’d guess parasites first.

It’s not a simple story.

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