Hats off! Exceptional Archangel Raphael

So, howdy balg… MODERN ANGELIC GRIMOIRE BY RUFUS OPUS WAS THE METHODYester night I called raphael to heal my sister who had this weird pain in her underfeet she literally couldn’t walk.so me switches to mage mode.guided by my intuition I made him a new lamen as per M.A.G with the sigil from heptameron. The ritual was as follows.:universal center and pillar and spheres from jason millers the sorcerers secrets…the calling of the sevenths from the article by michael cecchetelli in the conjure codex …the bornless invocation from the sorcerers secrets(something I’ve been invoking DAILY SINCE SEPT 15) after this the air was super charged I Mean I could f*ing hear radio like static in the room …then metatrons banishing from conjure codex then I proceeded as per MAG.I had to repeat the conj to bring him in completely .I could see golden light when I closed my eyes .there was fluid like movement inside my scrying vessel then a guy in golden robes with butterfly-like wings then no more but I could hear him clearly (thanks to orias b.t.w. Story upcoming in a weeks time) says I’m here my son,what is your will …so I laid out the situation as it was and told him that I wanted him to use his power remove her pain by today morning and bring total healing from this allergy thats been bugging her for like forever within 7 days.he asked if I wanted anything else and I asked for some personal stuff . Then he proceeded to tell me to leave a habit I picked up recently…Lest the Lord leaves me He he he he…enuf of me .then he was like cool… It shall be done as is your will…then he made me sing "oh happy day "f.f tday morming …I get up and check on her …and am like OH SHIT …shes running around joking…now get this…shes not been able to step her feet on the ground for the last 2 weeks …dude This magick shit just Got R.E.A.L.

I like your use of the Sevenths and Greater Sevenths.

That is baddass, thank you for sharing.

[quote=“Orismen, post:2, topic:4326”]I like your use of the Sevenths and Greater Sevenths.

That is baddass, thank you for sharing.[/quote] Thanks oris … It all began with your divination almost a year ago

I split the topic about call of the sevenths & Stoicheia into a new topic http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/white-magick-the-right-hand-path/call-of-the-sevenths-stoicheia/