Has anyone here had any experiences with a Hatman, he wears a long black Trench coat and a Fedora hat. I’ve researched about him and most people say he’s scary and hangs in the shadows and watches when people are asleep. From what i read most people have bad things to say about him, but i have one around me and he’s really nice.
He came into our lives a few years ago, he actually saved my partner a few times from what could’ve been a fatal car accident and motor bike accident.
One evening i was waiting for my partner to come home, i knew he was drinking alcohol at a mate’s house and was worried him driving home drunk, anyway, this particular evening i just had walked into the kitchen when this tall dark figure appeared, took his hat off at the same time as he said “I’ll save him” and wooshed away, like flying, I could see it on my third eye like i was transported into this street and seen my partner’s 4wd coming around a corner on two wheels and just before the 4wd rolled on its side this black figure wearing a trench coat turned himself bright white and wrapped himself or his trench coat around my partner!! I sort of came back into the kitchen and was a bit in disbelief of what just happened, i couldn’t call my partner because there were no mobile phones then.
A couple of hours later my partner called on the house phone and said he was in hospital, that his 4wd had rolled. The next day when he got out of hospital we went to see the 4wd that had been taken away and seen that it was completely damaged. After that, as i was driving him home and were talking about the 4wd and how lucky he was he wasn’t hurt and only had a scratch on his back from crawling out of the window! My partner said he was very drunk and shouldn’t have driven home, he was driving faster than he thought and realised he came to a T junction, stepped on the brakes and said he knew the vehicle was about to roll over but suddenly he saw a bright white light and felt like he had pillows around him, when the vehicle stopped rolling, he looked up and crawled out the window. A witness called the ambulance and told police the vehicle rolled 3 times. I told my partner about the dark figure wearing a trench coat and fedora hat that came to me just as the vehicle was about to roll, he saved my partner! I thanked this Hatman. 3 or 4 years later that’s when i searched on the net about this man or being. The hatman has saved my partner another time after that first time and actually drove him home one night, which a friend and i actually seen him in the drivers’ seat, but when vehicle was parked and the drivers’ door opened it was my partner getting out!! We asked my partner where’s your friend that was driving, he said there’s no-one else in the car, we told him that we seen a man wearing a hat driving into the garage, my partner said he’s gone he’s my driver, he was drunk again but obviously knew he had help.
That same night my friend and I sat out under the patio talking whilst my partner was asleep from his drunkeness, anyway, previous to all this my friend came over to show me her new camera, we took photos of each other and there’s one photo of me the Hatman can be clearly seen in the photo. At first the photo looked like a blur and we didn’t worry about it, we loaded the pictures into my computer. A few days later when i was looking through some photos i came across the blurred one that was taken by my friend’s camera, i was about to delete it but the phone rang and went to answer it in another room, when i returned the blurry photo was on full screen and that’s when i seen the other face next to mine, it clearly showed a man wearing a Hat, right by my head. Now, this photo was taken about 7 years ago, i had lost the photo since then because my last computer crapped up on me and didn’t have the photo at all anymore, until the other day, it actually showed up on my phone via YouTube, which i forgotten i had put it on YouTube. Anyway, the Hatman is back with us here at home and he’s just helped me from something that could’ve potentially hurt my business.
I’m not sure if i should post the picture, i found that not all people can see it, you actually have to put it on full screen and stand back, i see it clearly, my other half can’t see it at all, some other friends can. Let me know if i should post the photo people.



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@DarkestKnight re HATMAN PHOTO: The photo is a bit blurry but that’s how it was when taken. It’s best looking at a distance, not look directly at the centre of the photo. The lighter shade face is me and on the left side of that there’s a darker shade/face where you can make out a prominent cheek, also looks like there’s another eye in the centre of my forehead. I remembered that when the photo was about to get taken, a gust of wind came at that very moment. On the left by the bricks is a statue. Anyhow, interesting to hear all your thoughts.


The first thing I wondered was what were you feeling while looking at it because I got a chill.

I didn’t feel anything bad at all. When the gush of wind came we didn’t think anything of it, then my friend that took the photo said the wind didn’t go thru or near her. Can you see him clearly??

He was just around me yesterday, i had a problem that was about to get worse as far as a lawsuit, then during the afternoon i had a flash vision of the Hatman flying to a person and wrapping his trench coat around her and everything in that store went dark, then last night the hatman said all is well …(said my name). I thanked him and told him that i will let people know about him and Hatman people/beings.

Ok, You must’ve been very freaked out!! I’m not sure why they’d do that other than maybe to experience what your feelings of being scared may be like?? That’s what I’m getting in my mind right now about it. Noo Not wearing a Hat, i’m the lighter shade looking ahead, but if you follow the brim of the hat to the left, then look down along where the brick wall is, you will see what looks like a cheek bone then an eye next to that under the left side of the Brim on photo.

I see it now.

Now I see two hat guys. The other one is faceless and ghostly. He’s by the bricks with a tall top hat and bowtie (like Penguin from Batman).

I think that it’s just the one wearing the Fedora Hat by the bricks. At the time photo was taken and felt the gush of wind i think that it captured the hatman just at same time he positioned himself next to me. What you see is a double image of the same face, like he moved to the side where the wall is. When my friend took the photo and later when we were looking at it and talking about it she said she thought she seen a face next to mine when the camera flash lit up, but she didn’t think anything of it at the time. When someone takes a photo of someone else and they move slowly as the photo is being taken, the result will be a double image of that person.

Wow this subject brought back some long forgotten memories.

Ive seen this guy - trench coat, hat, long hair. I have seen him roughly 8-9 times, and its been years since.

The first time I saw him i was at a restaurant with my folks. I was around 10 years old. I got up and went to the restroom. When i walked in, the room was completely foggy with low light. It was surreal. Under the stall i could see these boots, and what seemed to be the source of the fog. Then I could hear what I described at the time as “demonic” laughter. I booked it out of the bathroom and back to our booth. I didnt say a word. A few minutes later, we got up and paid. My dad decided to hit the restroom before driving us home. I was terrified for him so i quickly ran in behind him, only to find a completely normal, well lit restroom.
We get out to the parking lot, and as we drive off, i see him - its the same boots. Hat, long hair, trench coat, and strange leather boots. He pointed at me and laughed. My parents did not see him.

Over the next 15 years i would see him randomly looking at me from freeway overpasses - always the same guy - same EXACT guy. Always looking at and occasionally pointing at me. I have had people in the car with me, see him as well. Everyone agrees that “he” is supernatural. Weird vibes like he doesnt belong in this world.

Its been about 10 years since i have seen him or thought about him.

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That motherfucker was fast. He positioned himself well, posed and everything. :joy:

He was superfast, the gush of sudden wind out of the blue was him, it’s the only thing i could think of. He’s not molevolent or anything toward me and i actually don’t even feel him around me, i may do but i don’t really stop to think about if a spirit is around me or not, they usually show themselves to me on window reflections at night time, unless they show me themselves that way i don’t pay too much attention, but a couple of weeks ago I was walking into the kitchen area and seen a fluffy large black dog sniffing around a doorway near the t.v cabinet, I wondered what it was doing there, so a few days later a friend who is super psychic came over and seen the man in the hat and trench coat and she told me that the Hatman came to me a few nights ago with a fluffy black dog, I asked her why is he here and she said he was saying that he’s going to help me with something in a few days time and he’s also just around observing, she also said that he showed himself as a dog because he knew i wouldn’t be scared or freak out.
I think that there must be different types of Hatmen wearing the Fedora or Top hats, the one that seems to come around helps me and my partner for some reason and i am very grateful for it. The Hatman did help me yesterday and am very grateful because it could’ve been potentially hurtful to my business.

Wowww amazing experience must’ve been very scary for you as a young kid. I think they just like to observe people for some reason. My psychic friend comes over once a month, if he’s around again I’m going to ask more info about him if he’s still around and try get answers from him. The photo really shows part of his face on the left side of the where the brick wall is, it actually shows the hat brim then straight under that is an eye and what looks like a prominent cheek bone, his nose, it also looks like he’s got a goatie beard. The lighter shade Face is mine looking staright ahead at the camera, can just make out my nose and mouth, chin, then it looks like i have an eye on my forehead. Best to look at it from a distance or enlarge the picture and look from a few feet away.