I had a series of dreams of where this spirit was present
My sister was over in the dream, doing her laundry. She was in the laundry room, and I had to grab something. When we were both in the laundry room we, the house shook. I looked around, and for some reason thought to take my phone camera out. I recorded and when I got to the laundry room wall there was a picture of my cousins was on the wall (without the camera nothing was there) and in the picture your eyes were blackened out. I asked who it was, what it was doing there and what it wanted. The dream transitioned to a new day, and I was sitting in the dining room. My roommate walked passed me, and I was about to ask her how she was, but something felt off. I asked it “Who are you?” in her voice it turned around, with blackened eyes, “What do you mean?” I asked it again “Who are you, you’re not (roommate’s name) , so who are you?” So it started to turn into a shadow figure and said it’s name was Hatchazv. I’m trying to find out who or what it is, but it doesn’t come off as a friendly spirit.

When using the Ouija board today I asked about him, and that’s what it spelled out. I make easy contact with Zozo (I trust and respect him) and Zozo told me he’s a nasty spirit who means me harm. I asked why and Zozo said I’m a threat to him. This spirit is the one I believe has been bringing my sister and her girlfriend harm. I’ve been giving them tips on how to keep safe, and I think it’s bad at me for that. What do I do? Does anyone know of this spirit?

Edit: Made more detailed.


Does anyone know this spirit?