Has this happened to you?

After four great months of my new woman, great success in my business and everything going my way, this week kicked me in the bean bag. I’m not complaining, but it seems I lost my touch somehow. I haven’t done my candle prayer to Lucifer that I do every Sunday night in two weeks. I hurt myself at work Monday helping my guys that work for me to the point I can barely walk. I don’t believe in luck, karma or destiny. Everything went tits up this week. My ex knows I practice. She’s hardcore jesus, and would not even know how to curse me, but my empire has crumbled in a short time. Any thoughts on WHY would be appreciated.

  1. There are rituals for this. Certain Demons can help.
  2. Do you have any standing protection in place?
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I’m always going on about the importance of having ‘mastered’ a banishing ritual. One of the reasons is so you can activate a protective force-field around yourself. Before leaving for work is a great time. As you keep doing it you’ll notice energy changes/shifts. You’ll also get more powerful and quicker.
Then you can reverse the whole process and evoke!
Get a cheap, ruled, softback notebook as your first Magickal Journal. Only works if you keep notes in it - just saying.

P.s. No one takes any heed to me. It’s to be expected.


No and thank you for the reply. I’ve never protected myself in almost four years on this path. Any recommendations are welcome. I know I messed up. It was going so well.

Search the site for banishing rituals (LBRP etc…). I’m not sure if Koetting has written anything on protection/ banishing. Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection will give you all you’ll ever need as well. There are things you can do daily, situationally, and before big operations. Don’t go overboard though as they can make you look weak in the spiritual world. But the occasional banishing has always sured things up for me.
Good luck

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Also, what Uncle-Al says is spot in imo.

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Thank you, Uncle Al. I will start to do so and use protection also. I have a head as hard as freezer meat at times when things are going my way, but I do take advice. Yours has been taken.

Thanks 56cpdb.