Has This Happened to Anyone?

Last night i tried the summoning of all magickal powers incantation,and after awhile the words got stuck in my throat.I literally couldn’t say the words but i pushed through,and then my mind went blank and my mind got foggy.My body started swaying and a voice in my head said "What do you want?!"It wasn’t audible mind you but that’s what it sounded like.I then told whatever it was what i wanted then stopped to do other things but tried again,and then it happened again minus the voice.Has this happened to anyone or was this even supposed to happen?

seems you entered in deep trance, congratulations!

Yes in my deepest trances it is difficult to speak, thats a good thing… you know youre in low theta. At this point I find it best to just stop trying to speak and let whatever entity speak through me. More of invocation.
The summons power incantation is unique. Memorizing it is one thing, when using it, the powerful force of its awakening can boggle you a bit, thus you forget the words… this can easily be overcome with practice. I only ran into this like once or twice when I first started.

Huh.Now that i know what a trance feels like maybe i can get there easier now.I did ask whatever it was that i want to be able to see and and communicate with spirits better.I don’t know if this has any relevance to my request but i did have a dream though.I became lucid in it and was on my side and i started calling for Lillith saying Lillith Lillith Lillith over and over again.I then felt a dark presence behind me and freaked which started another dream.I don’t know if this part has any relevance to the last but i’ll relate it here just in case anyone has any thoughts on this.I was with my mother and she was being bullied so i stood up to him but was too weak to fight.He knocked me down and she ended up having to help me.The dream ended with me trying to put him in a choke hold.Anyways thank y’all for clearing that up.I thought i was doing something wrong.