Has this ever happen to you?

So basicаlly i have this problem of an uncontrollable anger when i do evocations and sigil magick with demons, most intense is with goetic demons. Like today, i evoked Seere to aid me in loosing weight in my workouts. So i drew his sigil on a piece of paper, meditated on it, and told him what i needed, after that i put his sigil in my pocket and began my workouts. But after that, i decided to go and skate for a while and i had sudden urges to break the necks of everyone that looked at me funny. My every thought was full of death and destruction. I even had thoughts of burning up my local churches.
Have you ever had this problem and if you do how do you deal with it. Im open to suggestions.

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basic stuff that happens when messing with demons… practice your grounding techniques, should get used to the rage after awhile.

I can only advice, learn to discern where these emotions are coming from. Not all of them are “ours”.

It also helps, to strengthen the control you impose over your own emotions to deal with such urges and thoughts, and most importantly, to not let them affect you or even your actions. Even if it may be only to a small extent, it may affect the way you are nice or mean to other people.

It can be of great help, if one learns to understand, control and even separate them from their own. Even more important to do so, if one happens to be an empath.

alright…So i E.A. said about the Soham Akaal meditation. Will this help me too cause i am doing it quite regularly or just grounding stuff from now on?

Oh yeah i am a HUGE empath. So that makes my job twice harder

Perhaps that’s a side effect of working with very negative forces , you would be prone to your worst traits .

Well through mastering grounding and letting go, you release the entity into the world to do as you ask, do not keep the summoned entity inside of you release it unto the world and ground yourself so that they do as you ask and you do not become a puppet to their anger and whims.

Have u attuned to their energies? Im going to ask if this is a good idea from other users rather than use this as advice. I encountered this in the early days before I attempted to self initiate through the Qlippoth…So, my question to other users is on what I would suggest, which is u meditating, pathworking through the Qlippoth, as a means of attuning to their energies…My thinking is the more u do this, the more u hold onto urself when working with them, because instead of an outsider, ur energy is like theirs and u become as to one of them…Does this make any sense?

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I can agree to this actually, but that is when your looking to merge consciousness with them but if you do not learn to turn it off you have the chance of fighting heavy possession if you do not make allies before you make them your friends and guides.

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Outside of what others have said, it could be a combo of empathy and a testosterone boost. You wanted help, right? Part of it could come in that form.