Has someone here tried to command demons to do things?

How did they respond when you tried to command them?

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Um…that’s kind of what we do, so this question doesn’t make much sense to me. Unless you’re a religious worshipping demonolator, commanding with authority is the entire point of ceremonial magick.


I know that people sometimes only " ask" them to do things like in the petition method


I always thought “commanding” demons was a no-no, unless you are from like the GD or Crowley variety of ceremonial magick.


A petition is not an evocation, In an evocation, demons expect to be commanded with authority.

And by the way, “asking” can still be commanding. When your boss at work asks you to do something, he does so with his authority as your boss, and you generally understand that he isn’t really asking you, he’s telling you.

There is a huge difference between something like “Um…Mr. Belial, sir, I humbly ask, as a lowly human worm that is beneath you, if you will help me to get the cute little librarian into my bed,” and “Belial, mighty king, I ask you to bring me the love and devotion of the adorable librarian. As it is within your power, and as it is my will, my will be done.”

In EA Koetting’s description of his first encounter with King Paimon in his book Works of Darkness, the king laughed at him and didn’t take him seriously when he tried to command through godnames because EA was fearful and timid. Only when EA got angry, and funnelled his Will through the words, did Paimon stop laughing and take notice.

You don’t ask like a common human, but command like a king.


I just ask them nicely like a friend or relative would, without sounding like an asshole. I treat everyone like equals; not above of beneath, but equal, and that’s what works for me. But that’s just my personality.


While I prefer being polite, the keys of Solomon are specifically about commanding the demons with the names of God more forcefully.

On other sites I’ve been directly called stupid for working with demons more casually or even in reverence instead of forcefully binding them and threatening them with God. Wildly different vibes here, I’m glad this forum is as open as it is.

Edit: want to specify, while I prefer being more polite to demons and other spirits, if you decide to be more commanding that’s no problem. Your path is yours, do what you will.

The commanding aspect it seems just as powerful, especially considering the goetic keys method also calls on angels and the names of God in order to get the demons to cooperate under God’s command extended from yours. The result ought to be the same, what’s different is you’re developing a relationship with God instead of the demons.


I command personally. The key in my experience is being respectful about it. You can be firm with what you want them to do without belittling or threatening them. I try to approach things through the mindset of a king. Sure, it is easy for a king to belittle and threaten those around him to get them to do what they want. However, they tend not to be in power for very long and have a nasty ending. Better to maintain a balance of respect.

Overall, it has been a successful approach. The spirit can always refuse and when they do, I just move on to another who will get the task done and give them offerings after it is completed.


I’ve asked lucifer to help me find lost keys, fix my window , help me assemble furniture easily !

Asking with authority is a polite way of commanding.


Excellent!!! The incubus and succubus are hot lovers and they have done what asked! :wink:


Many command but the entity chooses to do so or not. So in short majority have done so. Just I wouldn’t go so far to really call it “commanding” rather than simply asking in a clear cut manner. I see commanding as just asking with confidence. Not a “do this or else”

Possibly why I don’t like the term commanding in this sense because many take it as forcing them to do something against their will or flexing some idea of Godhood that they don’t have.


Not at all, I’ve never commanded them for example, maybe you did, not me

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Yeah I don’t like the term commanding either


Thinking back to this I guess it depends on how you define “commanding” seeing everyones replies here.

In my experience, “commanding” refers to actually binding the demon and calling angels and God to force it to work. Darkest and Velenos for example seem to define “commanding” as more having a “commanding voice” as in to speak to them with great confidence and knowledge your task will be finished rather than the literal verb “to command” the demons to do your bidding as though they are personal servants or slaves. Semantics sometimes matter I suppose!

Either approach however will get your your desire, it’s just a matter of what kind of relationship, if any, you want to have with all the spirits involved.


Some spirits will give you authority to command them, and then there only comes a problem if you abuse this, but the majority won’t grant it in the first place, if they suspect that’s likely.

And it’s sensible to only use it when necessary and not for every single situation.

Traditional grimoire authors commanded demons and did so under the authority of their highest concept of divinity (which is itself a pre-Christian and pre-monotheistic practice), but the magician would fast and perform various austerities first, sometimes for quite a long period, so they weren’t taking it lightly.


This is why I like the analogy of two kings. Having the self respect of a king coming to another king for an alliance is how i like to view it. Does that line up with your experience?


Yes, it does mine, or to some extent like military chain of command.

So you’re maybe not the one with superior knowledge and power, if you’re a general giving a command to hundreds of armed men, who massively outnumber you in terms of power and cumulative field experience, but you are in a situation where it’s suited both parties to agree to a chain of command.

Again though not a thing to take lightly, especially if you’ve educated yourself on the many times candy-ass regents & politicians sent armies to death, maiming, and mayhem, on spurious grounds.

Which is why constant & evolving self-education, ideally pursued based on the desire to learn, is pretty useful if you want to be something other than one of life’s drones and NPC’s… :thinking:


Well to take it even farther even if you aren’t as powerful as the other kings there is still a level of respect afforded you. My reasoning behind the analogy isn’t so much “they have to obey me because reasons” rather the idea of how I view myself. Im still not entirely sure about everything but I at least know that the interaction is for my benefit and they can ask for payment and compensation for their time and energy spent because I afford them the same respect I give myself


It’s not what you say but how you say it. You can ask or request in a commanding tone. A tone that show your will and strong intention that your serious.
Some people ask in unsure ways out of fear. That’s a no no. It’s more important the will and intention behind it.
Commanding isn’t belittling or looking down on a person. It’s showing seriousness of the situation by way of how one express one’s desire. It’s more of telling the demons what you want than asking if they will do it.