Has someone here ever killed with visualization techniques?

Is this possible? What is your experience?

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Possibly I have inflicted pain on someone with visualization with my other 5 senses & pushing that into reality or their 3rd eye or something kinda hard to explain since I dont really know what I did


Not killed but extremely hurt them


Not in my case. However during spells I’ve visualized something happen to the target.

It is possible for a magician who knows their stuff


If youre strong enough you will be able too, anything is possible we just don’t know how to do it yet

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You could also try Black Magick Visualisation Handbook by S. Rob theres some killing or hurting people in here with visualisation, candle, and 1 picture or name

Doll Magick with Personal Items is best for that but during a long period of time.
You can do visualisation by attacking them on and on with armies and Lovecraftian entities just as Cthulhu.
IMO it is exhausting and while you see results, you would need to do it 3 times per day for a year or so to cause death. If they have strong protection it is not possible and could even backfire on you

I haven’t killed anyone, but I was so angry I lit a black candle, meditated and visualized the person getting hurt, sent all my anger & frustration his way and he ended up getting into a car accident & totaling the car.

Served him right.