Has someone done baneful magic on me?

Hello everyone, I have recently been having a series of unfortunate events happening to me since last month. First it started with a cold within my household, to getting covid, to getting into a physical fight with my man, to my daughter getting pinworms, to having vagina problems. It seems like all of these unfortunate events happened shortly after an in counter with my exes new wife. Any advice ?

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…and after perusing the above threads:



You can perform a cleansing ritual anyway to get rid of all the negativity.

One I do that works well:
Put rosemary, mint, and salt in a bowl of water. Stir it and scry the shapes to see the source of misfortune. Dip your fingers into the water and draw an X on your brow, willing negativity be broken and cleansed. Draw another X on your chest, an area on your back that you can reach, on your stomach, rear, knees, tops of the feet, and lastly the tops of your hands. Rub your hands together. Dip your fingers into the bowl and flick the water all around you in a circle. Clap your hands loudly three times when you face the front again. Pour out the bowl. Where you poured it out, also spit, said spitting the last remaining negative sludge out. Cleanse the area with smoke.


Thank you I appreciate it . Yes I’m planning to do a cleansing
Bath . I will incorporate this as well