Has someone calls up a dead God

I have some curious questions but this is a question for you ages I’ve heard the name dead gods acquired some names of dead gods has someone ever called one upI challenge someone to call of the dead God I can give you one of the names anyone man or woman enough to take me up on that challengethey sing knowledge is power what has more ancient knowledge in a god that’s been dead for centuries.

Well if you mean gods of the past long time forgotten and brought back into ritual y es, many of us have done.

They work with no problems

Mr,maxout,could ya sayin it in plain enghlis plz.i cant really understand tat high English,i speak spanish,barely,so my enghlis,is a little confused,tanks.

That’s actually crappy English.

zorrito, maxout asks if it’s possible to invoke ancient or forgotten gods

zorrito, maxout asks if it’s possible to invoke ancient or forgotten gods[/quote].

I actually have in my possession a list of dead gods I can lead you to the site where I got the list it would be pretty cool if any of you would be willing to try it out some of them may be a alien gods but knowledge is knowledge power is power if any of you a boat the God in the list that you would like please posted because it would help a lot of people. p.sI have what I write dictated I use a program to write my things I have autism Somen letters don’t go well and I’m an old soul so I creep a lot of people anyways. http://atlantian.info/