Has Lucifer Ever Hated any Human Being Ever?

and will Lucifer actually help one carry out a curse? :nauseated_face:

I’m pretty sure there must have been one or two which he chose to hate. :woman_shrugging:


Many practitioners have had help from Lucifer to carry out their baneful work.

But yes there’s a handful of individuals both human and nonhuman that aren’t on lucifer’s “friendlist” lol. He’s very capable of disliking individuals.


he probably has hated some humans in the past, though I dont view Lucifer as a hateful individual, so if he did hate someone, they must have done something big to anger him


That’s true, I requested Lucifer a specific baneful task against a ‘coven’ & days latter one of the coven’s mother witches died :relaxed:


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Since it’s opened I’ll note that he probably has disliked people who have cursed him for being evil curropting the earth while he actually enlightens it.

For my experience for things that could help dedicate an entire day to an emotion itself spend the entire day thinking about it and how to enjoy it or how to survive it every thing possible about it then write a letter to it an ask to full fill the desired request of gaining favor slash respect, I had a crazy experience when I did hate for a day and when I did fear I didn’t do the letter so it never stopped and I couldn’t sleep.

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I think it’s unreasonable to assume that he loves literally all humans. I’m sure that there have been a few that he’s actively disliked. And yes, he’ll help humans carry out curses if he wants to.


Well gods and goddesses any elevated deity has its own moral standards and views whom pretty often much differentiate to us humans.

I properly view it that way every deity has some sorta decendence down here on earth be it by people be it by spiritual systems and with that different acknowledgement of subjects and material in accordance wit its deity of origin.Thus also resulting culture and its many facits and its outplaying participation of its chosen Race.

There are always and has been war on earth also on the spiritual realm as well. We can say that war in itself plays first out on the finer the subtler planes and if it reached it ending results of the loss and win the balance thus manifests than on the denser planes later on.

It must not actually be out of petty hate or dislike but by the fact the other individuum or culture-system is disharmonious to the natural unfoldment of progress of evolution or empowerment by its generated communal system and people by its deity. Aknowledget subcouncesly by Man or Councesly due to its resulting clashing and stagnation in contact by the aknowledget as hated.

But Bc God’s see thinks rather in a more wider frame and Perspektive than us whom we are often limited by our normal perceptions. They choose wisely before they instigate the tool of hate for destruction and extermination be it by the gods itself or the influence on medial and communal beings such as us to the potential future pointless dread or loss by the so called hostile people, gods, cultures, systems etc etc…

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Not really lol some Gods are petty as hell, being a God or not being of this plane doesn’t really make them any less capably of “human level” pettiness, Greek mythology shows that ten times over lol, they can and often do whatever they want like us.


Well like always it depends some do some not it is only a frame of the whole I liked to represent.

Bc of that some today life on as Gods or devils in the Counces and subcounces mind of Man some have died away or will die at least as in the form of mass acknowledgment.

Has Michael? Pan? Santa Claus? At the end of the day it’s all UPG. “I come into being when you consider me.” Azazel. Or words to that effect in EA’s book.

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The odds would say yes, but thats speculation. Lucifer has helped me tremendously in the last four years. I used to burn a black candle every Sunday night and pray to him. Once I slacked off doing so “Religiously” it started to fade in its potency. Just a heads up.


One thing I think many LHP miscorrelate is that an entity that helps you does not exactly mean they aren’t capable of hating other people human or nonhuman. That one experience where the entity is favorable to you isn’t the entire character.


I always invite Lucifer when I’m about to curse someone and of course as always, he’s up to help me even though he isn’t as hype as Azazel is when it comes to cursing lol.
I believe every spirit has once or many times hated any human but of course there’s always a reason for it since hate is a strong word and then of course it’s different for each spirit. Everyone is capable of disliking and liking some people, including spirits.


Keeping in mind that I have not worked with Lucifer, as I tend to lean more towards Baal Kadmon’s opinion on the subject, any spirit can hate or love specific people. Spirits are a mixed bag, just like people. Everyone has their opinions in regards of people. I have yet to meet a spirit who liked or hated all individuals.

As far as Lucifer’s aid in cursing, I can only speculate as I have zero experience with a being with that name as opposed to a title. One day I may have more to share that would be useful.