Has anyone worked with Tuku, The 17th Name of Marduk?

Does anyone have any experience with him? What can you tell me about him?


Worked with him one time and he got me money for something I didn’t do because the other party cancelled but paid me in full, so I got free time and some money which I put to very good use, and avoided a task I disliked but needed the £££. :thumbsup:

I find all of the Names to be very businesslike, they don’t start making random comments about your life or anything, they just get on with the task, I have found slightly more promptness and overall success on goals aimed towards ascent, freedom, power, and things like that, and given their history I would probably not call them for something minor or that related to a petty aspect of my personality, JMO there though.


I get a different vibe and attitude from Sumerian entities. Not in the sense of oh yeah old culture but something i can’t place my finger on :thinking:

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Tuku gave you money? Didn’t know he does that. In 50 names of Marduk, it says that he’s the lord of Baneful Magick.

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D’oh, my bad - got him mixed up with Ziku, haven’t got my book handy :laughing: - anyway the 2nd part still applies, to all of the ones I worked with so far.

Soz! :smile_cat:


I will look Ziku up :slight_smile:

Please do take some time to read my PM x bless you x

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