Has anyone worked with the pathfinder gods?

As thought forms? If you did, who would you work with?

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Some of the pathfinder Gods are just real Gods painted into it.

So who’s the real equivalent of Calistria, Nethys, Cayden Cailean, urgothoa, and Abadar?

No I mean like this some Real Gods are on pathfinder:


Not all of them are real Gods but it would be interesting if said pathfinder deities that aren’t real were made into a pantheon in the astral.


Why not? Their relatively easy to follow.

And I’m familiar with Asmodeus and Lamashtu.


Well not every thought makes it into being a thoughtform, but if the pathfinders dont exist yet I’m saying it would be interesting to make them exist there lol.


In your opinion, do you think it could work in a similar manner to calling upon an archetype or do you think a thought-form/servitor would be made instead? Made me curious…

In some ways, gods can be seen as archetypes.


An archetype can be made into a thoughtform.

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I guess what I was thinking of was when someone calls upon an archetype and a willing, appropriate entity/Deity could fulfill that role (for that request) if they chose to. Should’ve clarified that. My apologies.

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Ah, then yes, if you call on the trickster archetype then any entity that is tied to it can show up or even all of them depending on your intention. However, some beings can take on multiple archetypes.

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I have read about “Assuming Godforms”. I’ve wanted to do this, but existing gods are so complex, and exist in a different cultural context, I’m not sure how to embody them. I’m considering the use of modern day gods of fantasy universes for godform assumption in place of more traditional deities.

I’m still deciding who’s form I’d want to take.


I personally think assuming the ‘godform’ of a fantasy god more plausible than a real one, I feel the latter is just taking on an archetype that God is over not really “becoming” that God in ritualistic means. However, assuming a thoughtform godform makes more sense to me because thoughtforms are formed from mental and emotional ‘energy’ and to basically embody that thoughtform is to take on it in multiple ways.