Has anyone worked with the book by Malcolm McGrath called Practical Magickal Evocation?

Its a 20 page book.

There demons are called:

Aseliel for love

Bydiel for secrets

Emoniel for tressure

Icosiel to be your “spirit slave”

Maseriel to help you with Philosophy, Magick and Necromancy

Now one of the things from this book says to punish the demon if it doesn’t show itself, by burning the sigil. It says “the spirit will
appear, rather than burn in hell.”

So anyone used this book?

I’ve read it but never worked from it. It’s an old Finbarr title, and not one of their better ones. it’s watered down traditional Solomon magick,

Personally, I don’t see how burning a seal would a) punish a spirit, or b) send it to Hell.

We burn seals all the time to close them, or as a method of giving the desire to the spirit. I doubt physical fire has any effect on a demon.

I was reading about this book on another forum and a guy tried it. This is what he said:

“Tonight i evoked the spirt emoniel from the theurgia goetia, i used the method from practical magickal evocation by malcome mcgrath, i did what it said and up to the warning that the book gives no spirit appeared before me in the triangle, btw i used both a physical triangle and an astral triangle amd i used his sigil from the theurgia goetia instead of the one in practical magical evocation. I said the conjuration of fire, lit the match a lit the sigil on fire, everytime i lit the sigil it went out almost immedeantly, after a few more tries i finally got it to stay on fire. But as i burned it i heard a quiet screeching voice saying y are u doing thiss to me, i consider this evocation a failure, can anyone tell me what i did wrong.”

What do you think about that?