Has anyone worked with Moloch?

Has anyone worked with Moloch? I have recently (yesterday, as my path directed me) started working with Moloch and Satan together. In a lengthy conversation I had with both of them while I was driving, I learned SO much about who I am, the human race, and the nature of evolution - both individual and on a global scale.

I am learning that I have two distinct sides to my personality (no, I am not a gemini). Satan, whom I’ve worked with quite a bit, connects well with one side, while Moloch seems to connect with the other.

I haven’t read about any others who have worked with Moloch, however, and I haven’t been able to find much historical data on him, outside of that which is bible-based. As you can imagine, this info isn’t so helpful.

If you have worked with this demon, please let me know; I would love to know your experiences!

There was a question about him a few months ago, here, didn’t get many useful “first-hand experience” kinds of replies though.

I don’t know if The Eye has worked with him since?

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:2, topic:6224”]There was a question about him a few months ago, here, didn’t get many useful “first-hand experience” kinds of replies though.

I don’t know if The Eye has worked with him since?[/quote]

Thanks, Lady Eva! I just replied to one of The Eye’s posts. I hope he has worked with Moloch further so we can compare experiences.

Moloch is one of the demons on my future to-contact list. He came to me a few months ago and showed me some things, one of the things turned out to be very useful and I am including this in my upcoming book that’s almost finished but not quite. He urged me to contact him and work with him further, for what reason I do not yet know. But I will be contacting him soon to see what he has in mind for me and when I do, I will report back here if I notice anything noteworthy about his personality.

Moloch is powerful and mighty, however gentle to some. He has been good to me.

Yes. There are secreta to Moloch beyond bloody savagery and human sacrifice. That is in the main due to christian beliefs.

And where would anyone go about finding these - books, methods, techniques etc?

Its not a technique or book. Its just taking a look at the history of Moloch. Moloch is represented by the Bull which is a sign of wealth and fortune. This is plain as day when to look in those lands (much like depicted in the bible) where the trading of cattle/cow was considered a suitable and favorable dowry gift in marriage of a daughters hand. Bull=Wealth. Nowadays with the underlying memetic web-structure of say religion and the grasp of the military industrial complex on sqcrifice to Moloch, etc…one can easily draw the lines that they decided to take Bull Magick in a more savage direction.

Either way the bull is a common universal symbol of wealth in some form or another for what it represented back them to the qualities it represents in the things we see today. In the middle east the bull is associated with a number of deities, which includes Belial. His intensity and Total Focus is said to be like that of a bull… Bullheadedness.

I dont mean to sound mysterious. I just meant to say that Moloch isnt something like these conspiracy theorists paint it out to be. It is the same thing with Belial really, the whole misunderstanding thing. For secrets and magick the Moloch is good for wealth magick…it is also the first 2 Runes in the alphabet which is notable of Belial himself.


So,I was given an assignment in Social Studies,along with a few of my classmates.We’re supposed to act out a Christian ritual(because believe it or not,Christianity is very odd and exotic here) or tradition,and I chose to go with an exorcism because let’s face it that’s the only fun and worthwhile thing.

Also,I think it’s REALLY ironic,that I am DEMONICALLY POSSESSED while working on a project about EXORCISM,lol.And yes,that means that I’m possessed as I write these very words.

So,the reason I’m popping in,is because I was going through S Connolly’s Modern Daemonolatry,she describes Moloch as a Phoenician Demon,and calls him ‘‘the Prince of the Land of Tears’’.Anyone know what that’s about?

Western culture’s vague associations of ‘Moloch’ come from Roman writings about what was interpreted by them as Kronos-worship in Carthage, which was originally a colony of Phœnike.

Thing is, I don’t know off the top of my head whether the Carthaginians actually called that deity Moloch or not, i really cannot recall. It may have been given that name after Carthage’s annihilation by comparing Roman accounts of child sacrifice with scattered references from the Hebrew bible. Again my memory may be failing me, but I thought those Hebrew references to Moloch were about a Moabite, Idumæan, or other non-Phœnikean deity. Maybe. A little research should turn up an answer, though. That “Prince of the Land of Tears” thing does kind of have the ring of some of those post-exile Jewish whinings about the horrors of the heathen, and pity us, we now live in the capital of a great civilization, it’s so horrible, etc.

Finally, it’s very possible that -literal- sacrifice of children was only a Roman and earlier a Jewish form of propaganda to inspire righteous indignation against a rival people. Or perhaps an honest misunderstanding like how conservative Romans were appalled at Christians “partaking of flesh and blood” in their secretive meetings: the older references to Moloch that I had read phrased it as something like “passing their children through the fire”. For all we know, that’s just an inner form of initiation and self-sacrifice like DGLN alluded to.

Still confused? Good, haha.

Why not ask the spirits themselves. i know that’s what we down. sometimes the answer and sometimes they just stare at you but it’s worth a shot…

Hey folks, apologies if some of you knew this already, but I just found a link between Moloch & Andramelech, in a preview of “The Esoteric Codex: Mesopotamian Deities” by Troy Kynard here in google books - if that link doesn’t work, search the term (in quotes) “the centre of his worship was the town of Sepharvain” and look for the google books preview.

Andramelech’s name may provide more useful results in searching occult forums, I’m thinking?