Has anyone worked with KoF Tul

I have acquired the workbook and there seems to be an entity by the name of Tul; his bio and characteristics seem interesting as he is related to matters of love.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion regarding Ladilok but none regarding Tul, or rather in passing and I wondered if anyone has had success with this entity and what happened.

Could his powers be similar to those of Ladilok but for women to bring their desired one to them?

Many thanks in advance.


Tul is more concerned with true love , while Ladilok is more concerned with lust. With Tul, think Soul Mates and true heart’s desire, and with Ladilok, think playthings and sex slaves.

I have never worked with him, but from his description, he is not similar to Ladilok as he does not engage in manipulation to force someone to love you, but he “sees the heart’s truth” and knows what it takes to truly win someone’s heart. Since it is not explicitly stated, I would assume he will work for either gender, unlike Ladilok or Kret, who specifically target women for men.


Thank you that is really helpful Tul sounds perfect - would I need to deal with Azazel first or can I work with Tul independently?

You can tell I haven’t fully read the book but then again I tend to do my own rituals as I get very little time and privacy to do anything.

Just your opinion, what do you think?

Any specifics re incense, candle colours that might be appropriate?

Sorry not being lazy (well not much) just wanting to get to bed - if you know from your experience anything that might be helpful for the ritual then it would be appreciated.

Many thanks again.

No, Azazel is not affiliated with the beings of the Kingdoms of Flame, so his permission is not required. When you call Tul, if you wish, you may do so by invoking the authority of Lotir, the Grand Angel, who rules over the Kingdom of Red Flame, but it is not necessary.

Since Tul belongs to the Kingdom of Red Flame, I would say red candles would be very appropriate but not absolutely necessary. As for incense, anything that smells nice would probably suffice. He is a spirit of love, after all.

When working from the grimoire it is advised to open the square of the Kingdom before opening the sigil of the specific being, but, again, it is not absolutely necessary. I have done it both with and without the square, but in both the evocation course and the angel pathworking in Evoking Eternity, EA gives no mention to the opening of the square of the Kingdom before opening the sigil for the specific being. It’s really just a choice if you want to follow the specifics of the grimoire.

All you really need is the sigil of Tul.

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I knew I was showing my ignorance there! Thanks again.

Felt I’d read someone had cobbled together a ritual including Azazel and brought in Ladilok but it may just have been late and misremembering. I’m truly grateful to you.

Thank you again.

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You are very welcome. Glad I could help.

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