Has anyone worked with Azahran before?

I found a curse online which involves burning Azahran’s awakening, which is a page from a book. There are warnings written on this page of some of the terrible things that will happen to you if you burn it. Yet I’m seeing where burning this is used to curse a named person instead of yourself. So I’m confused, and certainly wouldn’t want to endure this wrath myself. I can assure you the person I’m considering this for completely has it coming, btw.

Do a search for that name and another with the a and the h switched. I feel like I just saw that name on here recently.

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Thanks norse, I see a topic regarding attracting women with this name mentioned. Can’t seem to find anything else by mispelling it. I’ll keep searching.

I read that complete post. WTH would someone use this as a love/attraction ritual? :thinking: Still, I’d like to know if anyone has experience using this as a curse. Looks like it would be potent.

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