Has anyone tried gaining access to the Book of Thoth?

I don’t know what your guy’s opinions on Thoth is, but I have been studying up on Egyptian sorcery. It is believed that the Book of Thoth can only be accessed on the Astral Plane, and lots of knowledge and secrets is contained in that book. Has anyone had any experience with it?


Actually Thoth is an teacher with lots of wisdom. He actually made many things for man to find. Most of them hidden in the astral plane and some others on the physical plane. However, all of them need great understanding of how things work and much efford to even find them.


I personally haven’t, but there are stories where stealing the book can get you cursed crazy hard because Thoth doesn’t want that knowledge in human hands.

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I mean, the knowledge Thoth gives can be found only by those who are ready to find it. It’s really hard otherwise.

It happened to me some time ago, when I found something in the astral that I wasn’t suppose to find. Then I’ve been summoned by some beings and they actually helped me a lot, because you can’t find these things by being “lucky”.

That doesn’t mean he always wants you to find it. Some things may be hidden to keep them out of the wrong hands.

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Indeed, but it doesn’t matter if you find it, because you’ll earn that on the way. However, what he said was not to share it with those who you not deem worthy of it.

And if you didn’t truly earn it?

Well, if that’s the case, then you won’t be able to control it or even use it…

But remember that if you never search for knowledge, then you will never gain wisdom. There’s always fear of the unknown, but it doesn’t has to be like that. Instead of believing rumours, check it for yourself.

Isnt it the emarld tablets and I thought it was just the last two chapters that although have been found they will not release to the public, mysterious and annoying in itself.

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Yes, something like that has been specualated, because of the secrets they hold.