Has anyone seen Moloch?

Hi everyone, I recently saw in a meditation an entity that introduced himself as Moloch and I wanted to know in what forms have you seen it. I saw him like a white mass in form of spider (At least it had spider legs) with a strange mask that had a spooky smile. What experiences have you had with him? He said that he was there for helping me, and I could see a vortex opening. When that happened I almost lost my mind. Do you have any advice?

Even if you are feeling fear, don’t let your fear stop you. Go for it

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Did he have a big belly and a bull’s head complete with horns?


Or did he look like a bearded old man with horns (like his Carthaginian variant; Baal Hammon)?


In any event be careful when making pacts with this one; he likes immolated young children as sacrifices.

White body with bulls head and fly wings.

Moloch isn’t like most other entities, let him take the lead and do what he says, pay attention to his words, if you fail to do so you won’t learn and he won’t help you