Has anyone recently made offerings to Belphegore?

Fair warning that this post is VERY NSFW.

Last night I got in a kind of wicked state of mind and did a ritual with Belphegore. I invited him into myself to take my energy, and I asked him to help me with a task involving a taboo sexual act. I felt an unnatural and corrupt lustful presence (which I assume was Belphegore) wash over me, and I was guided to also offer my orgasm.

I know Belphegore is often said to like offerings of stool. Because the act I asked him for help with involved gay anal sex (which can mean a little stool even if you can’t see it), I also invited him into myself to experience that with me, should he succeed.

My question is, is there anything further I should offer him to further incentivize and help him to do what I’ve asked of him?


Awesome work!!! Everything what has to do with sex and stool pleases Belphegor. Do you use his enn and sigil too?

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@Rav Yes, I used both his enn and sigil, and I wrote a letter during the ritual with my wishes that also had his sigil and enn written on it. I emphasized how I wanted the act to be dirty (literally) because I knew he’d like that.

Do you know if he’s usually into sexual taboos and corrupt/forbidden acts?

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Belphegor is an allrounder. Can help with developing chakras like the heart chakra in empowering sexual taboos and also solar plexus chakra as he is ruler of Thagirion the Black Sun if you mean forbidden acts like vampyre magic.
Beside that is a demon of wealth and luxury. As said is an awesome spirit to work with, an allrounder.


He really felt amazing I gotta say. I almost felt possessed by him at one point during the height of it!

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@Rav If you PM me (it won’t let me PM you), I’ll tell you exactly what the taboo act is :slight_smile:

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Ok give me a sec @thestrangescientist
I wanna know all about it :sweat_smile:

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I ask a person in sex magick wat he say is weird anal sex is the fusion of heaven and wishes ,he comes from a older society .but in satanismo it is anal sex a big offering to the spirts no hold bartiers since semen blood etc has essence of life .he belong to a few magick societies well know,and claims philateus or not idea how spell it belialand beplghore are the main stars in sex satanismo