Has anyone read or experimented with Jareth Tempest's new book The Filthy Grimoire?

I am curios has anyone done multiples of these rituals in the book on the same day? I see nothing that states you cannot or can do… but this is chaos magick I cannot see why you can not do one after the other for different requests. Any idea if this may be bad or anyone tried it? done my first day of several which I plan to do for 7 days straight and then see what happens.


As far as I understand it each sigil uses all of the individual shadows at the same time and I’m guessing the author has kind of tuned each sigil to use more or less of certain shadow’s abilities for the task at hand.

He says to do one per day but also he says to do other complimentary ones as well if your task is a bit of a reach. If you think your task might require two or three aspects then I’m inclined to say try both or all three each day because if you feel that the combination is needed, you might feel something is missing along the way if you don’t.

I’m only guessing of course, but I see it like mixing and matching flavours and colours and sometimes one is enough and sometimes you want to blend things to get to what you want.

If you work your 7 days on one thing but also want the effects of another one, you might be waiting to play catch up. I think it depends on what it is you feel needs to change. If you are working on the deeper psychological things then maybe it’s best to go one at a time, if it’s to try to create a chance opportunity then I think he’s aimed quite a few to be quick and naughty and with those it might be good to apply more than one per day.

I’m sure he says to not do the same sigil more than once per day, as in, they already heard you and once a day is enough. If you do too many different ones each day then it might get confusing and/or your focus per sigil may waver.


I will give it a shot, see if it affects anything, what I may do is 3 one day like below:

feel sexually attractive - I AM HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE
happy in your own skin - I LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GOOD

then another 4 on the next day below

increase sexual attractiveness
sexual enchantment with voice
be more seductive
increase confidence

then alternate to group A then group B then A then B and thats 7 with my initial day being all 7 one after other. Did two looking thoroughly at each sigil and the others I just gazed at middle and call up the spirit servitors then did my request, visualized it, felt it and end command, had a read then did next and repeated. Making them like individual rituals really as I think they compliment each other so the group A compliments each other and group B all falls in line of similar tactics so would make sense in my warped head lol to do them so we see a combined result form.

But I may be wrong, if anyone has any idea if this is bad do say though I cannot see it being to much of an issue though if you can get confused or lose focus easily then as you say its best probably to do one or two only.

Have you done one different one per day for a week yourself?

To what I know of the once per day is for the same ritual to not lust for results to what I read and if you invoke them only do one per day but see nothing on the sigils themselves on how many you can do etc.

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I wouldn’t say it’s bad or wrong how you planned it but I remember he says you can repeat the same ritual for a set number of days so that you empower that ritual, keep to whatever number of days you intend and go for it.

All you can do is try, if you see it that way and it works then more power to you.

I’ve only done the one sigil so far, it was a new book and a good opportunity came up that I thought fitted one of the rituals and I’ve been a little unwell this week so I’d rather wait until I’m better before doing more with the book.

It will be interesting to see how things are after your 7 days. Hopefully it goes well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, me to, second day did in morning after my banishing session. Coupled this with a Gom book working I want to try from mystical words of power to open up for transformation and speed up results haha. Coupled with road opening ritual. Tripple whammy to see what happens! hopefully after a week I begin feeling a shift and then let its work progress after that. One should hope to see a start of internal change of any limiting beliefs going with any luck.

Any more progress on the lady did she contact you at all back after not showing up?


Good luck with it all.
As for the one I did, it was just frivolity, a chance thing where I noticed someone and there was some possibility of seeing her there the following day.

Nope no phone call from her lol.
Who knows, and again, me leaving my phone number there was a chance thing and magick is aided by chance so I like to observe where I can plant the seeds of chance.


One more day left and all 7 days complete! my eyes burn from looking at 7 sigils all one after other lol.

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How did you personally learn how to make servitors? Who or what taught you?


Initially from random bits and pieces I found online. Hence my first had some design flaws. I later researched more extensively and found more ideas and methods. I also got some handy books on the subject, particularly by Damon Brand, John Kreiter and more recently Taylor Elwood. If you’re not familiar with servitor creation, these books are good starting points.

There is quite a bit of variation in servitor creation methods and everyone develops their own nuances to their approaches.


Another update on this book;
It is very effective but in a light almost Angelic way.
I’ve specifically been using the Remove Desperation sigil a lot and wowww the effects are quite mighty. It provides peace and healing and calms me down when I was obessive and crazy over my ex now I just am able to be at peace.

All of the sigils aimed at being seductive/sexually alluring/voice work like magic, I get hit on like crazy and anyone that talks to me I am able to seduce. It really amplified my already natural sex appeal and heightened it to insane amounts. I haven’t tested it much in real life. But thus far all have effects albiet some mild.

The communication with lover along with a few others all are effective. I even had a pathworking with one of the entities and they gave me great peaceful calm advice. I like this book alot, it’s part of my daily ritual and I feel safe, great, peaceful and sexually empowered and free since using it.


You do it daily several rituals without fail? I did it daily for first week and found I had the following:

Someone trying to pull me to a brothel… nope.
Had two girls hit on me and odd others look my way it seemed.
Hair dressor lady talking about sex to me.
Two women a mum and daughter chatting to me and being all nicey nicey at a bar.

But then I went to doing several rituals in one day instead of everyday for the week and do them once a week to keep up the momentum but havent really noticed anything now. Though I havent been in many social places either. I am curios though the people who say they get hit on a lot if they look good looking already is that not just a perceptual association as they have good lucks they naturally will do well. Now if I saw someone who aint the usual good looking type get hit on a lot then I know for sure these things work including demons like Sitri. I cannot say for certain yet if this book is doing these things or if its an afterglow of a ritual I made and recently did not long prior to the book for building lust so until I see more definite results I will hold out on judgement. The sigils for getting someone to think about you dont seem to have an affect on a girl who usually talks often anyway ie she doesn’t talk more or any different to say shes thinking a lot more about me so mixed on that one and did two weeks of the send nudes one and asked for just a standard picture to which I got a no haha so make as what you want from that!

I wonder if replacing the energy sigil on the top with the LS linking sigil to provide energy would add more boost and some interesting experiences :wink:

One thing I notice to is no lust ritual from my own to this book seems to differentiate between girls or guys and will just attract both sexes. I have had countless guys hit on me… my lust ritual had people thinking I looked famous at one point and one guy who was straight trying it on with his mates saying this is not like him and hes saying your famous he wants to try it on with you, guy wouldn’t leave me alone haha. Lucky that situation ended in the end as we moved on but I did find it very funny and flattering I guess.

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Shame we dont have a lust spirit, demons thread and people post a picture of themselves so we know if they already look attractive or average and then do the test workings and see who gains the most out of these spirits or entities and if its simply not just natural behavior that they notice more now they did a ritual like when buying a car and then you see your colour all around. Or if its truly doing something. Including what social interactions they have and social circles that give an advantage to get a truly rounded view on if its doing anything or not.

I have to comment here: I’ve only just recently bought this grimoire and have had significant results. I’ve done the ‘Feel Happy in Your Skin,’ ‘Feel Sexually Attractive,’ and ‘Heal Fear of Abandonment’ rituals and have definitely felt like I’ve levelled up in a sense. It’s funny – I actually had some side effects for about a week (still feel it off and on), most of which involved some extreme social anxiety that I haven’t experienced since my younger days. I thought it was just another instance of my body talking back after I’ve lived the burning-the-candle-at-both-ends lifestyle, but then I realized it was more likely the result of these rituals. I believe, in a sense, that the servitors have helped evolve my solar plexus, which in turn caused the anxiety. I now move, speak, and act differently. It’s amazing.

I might post an update at a later date, but in the meantime, I hope this inspires you to consider buying the grimoire if you haven’t already. I couldn’t recommend it more.


Are you certain its not just placebo though from doing it? if you say its more a feeling rather than an observable affect it can possibly be so. Have you tried any of the other rituals for getting people attracted to you etc and how many times did you repeat these rituals yourself?

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Hi all,

I’ll chime in with my two cents. I bought the book the day it came out and did the following rituals in this order :

To cut connection with a previous lover
Overcome fear of abandonment
Overcome loneliness
Know Myself
Make me sexually attractive
Increase sexual confidence
Happy in my skin
Lower expectations
Healthy sex drive
Accept myself
Sexually enchant with my voice
Be more seductive
Aura of sexual charisma
Get laid
Make my fantasy a reality

I did two rituals a day, one in the morning and one before bed.

Ten days after I met someone in a cafe and we hit it off and exchanged numbers but I never saw them again after that.

It was an interesting experiment and I plan to work it again with some of the other rituals.

I hope that helps.

Thats interesting to know as the book claims the patron gave praises about this book, but you see nothing at all? what are peoples opinions on there?

I thought at first I was getting results with this on a few things but then I am not sure if it was my god of lust ritual as I did that a few week prior and invoked the aura cloak of it while in the hairdressers and that same day had a few good results so it may have been that rather than this book but I cannot be sure. I did the rituals for 7 days, 8 rituals per day for 7 days. Will try it again as its been a while since I did my own ritual now to get a better feeling.

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