Has Anyone Purchased Robert Bruce's Astral Projection Mastery Course?

I am considering picking up this course on the BALG site. I really need help in this area. I wanted to know if anyone else had taken the course and what your experiences with it were. Orley Stewart recommended setting up my “astral temple” during a reading she did. My problem is astral travel is a huge challenge for me. I can only say that I have gotten out of my carcass once in my life (when I was 9) and it was an accident. I am in my 50’s now and have never been able to climb out again. I can see how astral travel would be a “must do” for a serious magician. As she pointed out, you could setup a really impressive astral temple with zero limitations regarding size or contents. It could be the size of the Acropolis if that is what you want. Also, you could summon entities and actually see and speak to them 1 on 1 on the astral plane and walk away with zero doubt about what just happened or what they told you. Link to the course: https://www.becomealivinggod.com/robertbruce/astralprojectionmastery


The Omnipresence course that teaches full soul travel? I have it and like it. The information and anecdotes are very helpful, and contains exercises I haven’t seen elsewhere so far.


If you mean the Soul Travel course, then yes, I have it.

It’s really good.


And @Mulberry

He’s referring to Robert Bruce’s Astral Projection, not EAs Soul Travel.


Ah ok, thanks… updating title to clarify for latecomers.

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This course is AMAZING! It cost me about $300, but it was the best $300 that I’ve ever spent. I actually found this course through this site. Astral Lifestyle/

It’s awesome because whether you are a beginner or an expert in Astral Projection, you learn mind-blowing techniques and secrets to literally be able to Astral Travel at will.

Hopefully, this helps!

I would be interested in knowing how this course differs from EA’s soul travel course and why there are two courses in the BALG catalogue that deal with essentially the same subject matter. EA’s course turned out to be excellent btw.

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