Has anyone performed the sex ritual calling Erzulie?

Has anyone performed the sex ritual calling Erzulie?
The one that uses a white dove.
If so, I´d like to hear your experiences.
Thank you!!

I mean, I am talking about the ritual in EA´S book…the green spider and the butterfly.

That’s not Erzulie. That’s Diablesse.

Oh, yes, sorry for that!. You are absolutely correct. I don´t have the copy of the book right now beside me.

Truthfully if you study the real spirituality behind the Loa you will understand the reasons behind why the practitioners typically don’t use body fluids other than saliva. The idea of any tantric type of sex magic and true vodou being used in tandem is inappropriate. It is truly a taboo and considered extremely disrespectful. While one may appeal to the Loa to bring fire and passion to their love life they don’t do it in this fashion.
Just one of the very many things wrong with the attempt to claim a religion that one has not gained the rite to.

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