Has anyone noticed that psychiatry continues the witch hunting?

If a woman goes to a psychiatrist and tells him/ her that that she sees demons and other spirits and that she is practicing magic and spellcasting she will immediately get the diagnosis of schizophrenia and
will be given dangerous anti psychotic drugs


True, though they definitely do it to men as well, and often presume men are more likely to be dangerous. Hopefully most witches won’t be seeking medical opinions on their magickal experiences, and will be able to manage any phenomena. It’s like going to the dentist because your foot itches. :slight_smile:


Well they work from a standardised medical point. They’re taught everything through school and will use the DSM as their go to. One shrink in my teens did agree with me that I am no bizarre for thinking the water is tainted and there’s evil rulers of the world — he agreed. I was sent to him because a therapist thought what I said was possibly schizophrenia. Nevertheless I was then on medication for “disorders” I never had. Shrinks are another kind of species.


As someone who has experienced both bad mental health and also plenty of woo experiences

Personally I feel I know the difference… like I know when oh shit my mind needs medicating and oh awesome my mind is perceiving more than the norm

The prophets, religious figures, mages etc all had a reputation for being crazy folk though and I expect plenty of them would have been sectioned if they lived in this time

I think it’s best to go by a … is this harming me or others? Yes… time to seek medical help fast or No… carry on but make sure to ground regularly

I have seen people think they’re awakening only to discover its a psychosis a little while later… but I think it shows up as chaos fast when it’s poor mental health rather than true experience- like if nobody else is understanding you, even those who are into the same stuff and do contact themselves… that’s time for real life medical help


I’m studying psychology and I can say from that standpoint there is a huge difference between magick and schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is very common in forms and have caused issues in occultists. Schizophrenia is dangerous hence its treated even when it seems there’s nothing wrong. There are a few famous occultists who have had schizophrenia which after being treated allowed them to evolve much better than what they thought could be possible.


Every psychiatrist that I will come to that will hear that I practice magic and communicate with demons will say that I am mentally ill and schizophrenic. it’s guaranteed. the humanity found a way to continue the witch hunting with the help of psychiatry. psychiatry is also a tool of the government to control the society.


Ofcourse. Considering the amount of schizophrenics who claim the same its normal to give meds.

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I mean personally I can see why they would, because we could technically all be crazy af but also because they kind of have to, we have no tangible proof that this is all real yet if at all so they can lose their license if they pamper such thinking.


I would seek out a better psychiatrist then because as of the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the handbook of the APA, magical thinking is no longer considered a sign of mental illness. To be considered a symptom of something like schizophrenia, it must be properly evaluated within the context of the patient’s culture, and ability to function in the world.

If you can hold a job, maintain your hygiene, do not exhibit paranoia, and can talk to average people without making them uncomfortable, then you will not be branded as mentally ill. Yoga moms everywhere believe in the healing power of crystals and contacting spirits, but they don’t get slapped with anti-psychotic meds, and neither do religious people so I think you would be fine.


I hate psychiatrists and would never come to them and i dont need them

Yeah I was thinking how I put this but I’ve worked in MH as well as been treated by MH services…

And come across some very religious psychs who don’t get branded unwell for openly claiming to be in contact with Jesus

It’s more that I wouldn’t wanna give religious folk ammunition to be binding and casting out stuff around me than the medical element why I keep my mouth shut on some stuff in certain places to certain people


I’ve been a “customer” of the system at various levels for most of my life. I’ve never had a psychologist or psychiatrist bat an eye at my religious or my magical experiences.

Although, I am careful to differentiate between perceiving spirits and seeing them when I talk to them. Even then, when I have talked about seeing them, they’ve told me that as long as I know the difference between that and, say, an oncoming bus, they’re not too worried.

Now, different situations? Like say an overworked psychiatrist in a hospital like I was in that had time to see me for 5 minutes once a week? Yeah, he prescribed me an antipsychotic I didn’t need based solely on the fact that I told him I sometimes worried that people talked about me behind my back.

Bad psychiatry is bad psychiatry.


In psychology Abnormal is when a individual does something out of the norm of the religious and cultural reality. The good example was sleeping on a skull to ward off evil is normal in New Guinea. While such a thing in US is abnormal.


Hence, the requirement to properly evaluate behaviour in the context of culture, as previously mentioned.

But as @Eddie_Romanov said, bad psychiatry is bad psychiatry, and just like the medical doctors that amputate the wrong limb or leave a clamp inside a patient who then develops a deadly infection because of it, it can greatly impact people’s lives. After all, it was bad psychiatry that led to the so called “Satanic Panic” of the late 80’s and early 90’s, and there are people falsely accused who are still locked up today for imaginary crimes.


Dr. Jeffery Mishlove addresses some of these issues on his YouTube channel, New Thinking Allowed. He interviewed a therapist, Paul Leslie, who saw an apparition while counseling a patient. He admits that many other professionals have had such experiences, but it would ruin their careers to admit it.

In my opinion, psychiatrists like many medical professionals, don’t address physiological problems such as lack of necessary minerals or nutrients in the diet. My husband, who doesn’t have a history of mental health issues, was feeling depressed for several months. He started taking copper, zinc and 5-HTP (extracted from Griffonia simplicifolia plant seeds) and his issues went away. I started taking 5-HTP and noticed my mood improved overall. Be leary of the pill pushers. Natural plants and meditation are a much better alternative, IMO.

Paranormal Experiences in Psychotherapy with Paul J. Leslie


Your opinion I totally agree with! Thank you pointing it out. And parents wonder why their kids are neurotic and lazy. They’re fed shit like processed flour, sugar and sugary drinks. No wonder their kid has “ADHD” :stuck_out_tongue:


I call them the Industrial Inquisition because Cash Value is the only thing they really respect. Preachers and Artists and hipsters get a pass because their brand of madness is economically viable.

There are good psychologists out there, but the way they practice is not nearly as profitable as the kind who push drugs and fill beds in an efficient manner.

Being locked in a mental hospital while experiencing the sight is a horrifying but educational experience. Stay strong. You are not alone.

Seconding the opinion of you needing to find a better psychologist. I haven’t been to one since I was a teenager but she was totally supportive of my practices and didn’t use it as any kind of critique on my mental health.

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When we live in an insane world where people are raised and groomed for a particular kind of insanity they will always view anything but their insanity as insanity.
Saying you see a spirit is considered insane unless it’s Jesus then it’s a fucking miracle.

I mean I had an internship at a lawyers place and one women heard the angels of god and ended up burning down the whole building complex were she and 200 other people lived in.