Has anyone noticed a sudden increase of power in the last few days?

i was practicing aerokinesis around 4 days ago and i only strengthened the wind a little and i stopped the next day because the wind was way to strong that day and 2 days ago i went do do it again and i made the wind way stronger then before and i was like “wtf?, i never made the wind this strong ever” and i had some control to where it goes. i am able to do that consistently so i know it is not luck.

has something like that happened to anyone else?

Well, did you feel extra energy flowing?
In my parts, it extra windy because it’s Spring. Maybe check the forecasts, and temperature fluctuations vs terrain patterns near you. Then try again under different conditions and see if you get the same result. If so, then you can say it’s you, otherwise, it’s probably chance.


I know I felt alot of extra energy coming home from work.
Was able to pursue my dream job online to its fullest, finished a page started a website, made business connections, got a contract, built a studio, and still worked out 2 hours a day consistently while working a 9-5,
I know it’s nearly a full moon
Hope this streak doesnt end afterwards, I’d like to keep manifesting

Sometimes I feel these waves or surges in magic are my limitless pills lolol


The energy is shifting in the world, thoughts are manifesting quicker , like the veil separating astral and physical is more open


i had very windy days here as well but that day the wind was weak-medium and it was constant but i had success every time i did that and i did it over 20 times and every time it happened. i wanted it to be weaker it was weaker i wanted it stronger it was stronger. i also did that today but today it was already windy. i have not seen such strong winds for so long in my area since i was born but the day that it was weak- medium wind

i know, i was thinking of a friend a few days ago that i haven’t spoken to in over a month and i was like it would be cool if he called me and in a few seconds he did.


Yep the higher and healthier your energies are the better

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I wonder if the had to do with @C.Kendall ritual that many of the members performed on the 1st?

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i did become way healthier. diet, exercise, cold baths, wim hof method, meditation, vampyrism, positive thinking etc

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i don’t know the ritual

i was in a mass ritual but i don’t remember the day exactly, it was from conjure queen and i know it worked

It’s a widespread energy shift , everyone’s experiencing different symptoms and things


i surely did

and still do experience them

It was the The Infernal Obelisk Rising - Group Ritual Project

yeah, i didn’t do it. i don’t even have any resin or oil. only sticks

Well I tryed, locked myself away, and chanted. That’s all I could do

@alex2409 i also have the last 3 days, a happy , playful energetic mood and high energy in general! And a feeling like everything around are funny?! :crazy_face:
And no @Healing_Heart it has nothing to do with Kendall’s ritual. I really believe is the energy of the upcoming fullmoon in playful crazy Libra guys :wink::smile:


I wish I was Libra, I’m an Aries so that’s awesome, send some good times energy around, all quarantine and no play makes Jack a crazy boy

i am a libra but i am a lot like different zodiacs for some reason. i am not that social, i don’t hate violence but i only engage it when necessary and i find it kind of fun at times, i don’t avoid confrontation anymore, and things like that. i am more of an aries in the sense of i am courageous, passionate about the things i want, if i want do really do something i am very determined, i like challenges and sports that i do by myself, like to lead. i am also a sagittarius in the sense of that when someone tells me not to do something i sometimes have really dark thoughts basically i really love to be free and do what i want and the people that try to restrict freedom deserve no respect in my opinion, i love traveling but now i can’t and only to places that i can go by myself but i have not yet done that since i am 17 (reffering to other countries). im also a crazy boy