Has anyone merged with their monad?

for anyone wondering what it is

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I thought this was another definition of the godself?



I don’t agree with the way he calls it “Source”… because it’s not. Source is Void.

But yes I have merged with what he calls “Monad”. My own personal Sun. I call it my core essence, my core sun.

I anchor it near my thalamus gland 4 inches inside my upper chest. It burns like a sun and changes form as a mirror to my enviornment. It allows me to read energies and follow it’s track throughout the multiverse.

It connects me with much deeper layers of memory, from earth and other places.
It connects me with my power as an eternal being and what I am truly capable of.

It also provides protection against dualistic forces and it becomes easy and natural to merge everything together.

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how did you do it?

It’s simple really.

Achor the sun in your chest. Feel the sun for what it is. Feel it. Become it. Merge with it. Make it your core.

Anchor your attention at your core throughout whatever you are doing. Use it to interact with your enviornment, like it’s an eye, or an arm, or a leg.

Develop your relationship with it you will know more what you can do with it.

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This article is useful if you can take what you need from it. But it addresses the faultiness of the “chakras” and using the core sun instead.

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