Has anyone heard of this spirit?


Yes to both. I would feel very caffeinated when he was around. And as with your experience, it didn’t seem to like those around me. Constant fights and bickering that ending in a stabbing, and everyone moving out. I noticed that people who seemed slightly unbalanced mentally would snap pretty quickly when he was around. Oh yes, I believe what you’re saying.


That was brilliant, I’d have never thought of that! After 20+ years, lol. That is excellent, thank you @Sasha2017.

How fascinating. I will have to think on this for a while. Zulu. That is a great lead.


It is African, there must be a link to the location or people who lived with you in the past or previously who evoked African spirits. He is there as African, winged demon. Cool !


The man in the apartment directly below mine at that time, was a hoodoo-practitioner.Older man. He was a super cool guy who looked after everyone in the building. At the time I just assumed he stuck mostly to roots and such, as do other southern occultists. It never occurred to me that he might be a conjurer. That would absolutely make the connection though, if that’s the case.


Yes, it would be why he said he did not know of God (as we know him ) and had the features you described. This guy probably did a cleanse and he came upstairs to you. Glad to help a little.


Wow, that actually does explain quite a bit. You’re right.


Get those indigo candles out and let me know how it goes! lol. be safe.