Has anyone heard of this spirit?


Years ago I had a spirit named AMAZAM that would constantly show up offering fallacious information. He gave me lots of details about himself, all of which were fascinating, though doubtful.

At any rate, I was just wondering if anyone else ever encountered this entity.


A’azam… and I’m not certain, comes from izmul amazam, which means and again, I’m really not sure, the real name of Allah, or God.
But with respect to those who know Islam, I’m really not sure. But I think this is where it comes from.

I’d be interested to know if it is and if I’m wrong, who this spirit is you have found. :blush:


I know amazam from somewhere but I cant remember where. I tried googling it but nothing made sense. I have seen this word written somewhere. It has no meaning to me but I know it exists somewhere.
Let me know what you find.


I’m not sure if I believe anything he ever said, but he did relate that he is a non-human entity, and that he had no eyes; specifically, he never had them, his face is virtually featureless. He described this as “jediac” (pronounced ‘yeah DIE ack’). Also, he would repeatedly ask me to burn an indigo colored candle so that he could manifest better, which I never did. He represented himself with the infinity symbol.

It’s been twenty years since he came around, but I still don’t say his name out loud. I figure that somewhere out there, someone else must have encountered him.


Why do you think it’s on your mind now ? After all these years.


Because of the nature of the forum. Whenever I’m around other occultists I always ask.


Maybe a past life thing- hopefully it all connects one day and makes sense.


Hmmm…I know an entitiy named Amazarak. Did he mentioned something specific? Like, why he would like to manifest better?


And you mention a word, “jediac”. Which brings me to the name “Yedaiah” which roughly translates to “god is my salvation” (please stop me right in my tracks if I’m wrong - my knowledge about the hebrew language is as effective as damp sawdust). According to the Book of Enoch, Amazarak is a fallen angel


@Oddnan That’s a very interesting connection with Yedaiah. He claimed to have no knowledge of god, but often warned that demons were real, one of his many inconsistencies. He was adamant that being able to better manifest would help us communicate better, but I wasn’t interested. He always made huge claims about what he was capable of, and what he could grant, which made me wary.


Amazarak has taught how to be a sorcerer, according to my source. Maybe your Amazam is some kind of impostor of another entity/demon? :smiley:


Could be.


Judge a spirit by his results. :+1:


This thread is really interesting. Keep it updated if you can gather further information :slight_smile: Maybe someone here has a clue.


Probably one of the lesser non human spirits trying to gain access. I considered Egyptian at first, but as I read more of your post, I doubted that.
You obviously have the ‘gift’ and some are born with this is believe and you will always have something or someone from the spirit world contacting you.
Interesting, I am going to do some research on this as it does sound familiar but I do not know where from.


It’s interesting that that spirit seems familiar to people. He may be some peripheral lower spirit. I’ve often wondered about all of the ‘legions’ spoken of in the Goetia. If you go by the Roman definition, then a legion would be around four thousand, which would extrapolate to many hundreds of thousands throughout the book. I wonder how much free-range ability those multitudes have to interact with our world.


This makes sense. I have encountered one lower level entity and it caused chaos. Not with me but with the person I lived with and electricals.
Even the lowest level ones are thousands of years old and very powerful and intelligent as you know so anything is possible.


Ah! That is a nice correlation, as Amazam wrecked the lives of two of my roommates from that time, as well as a great deal of electrical interference. Chaos is the perfect word to describe the ripples of his presence.


I am conscious that I may sound mad or making it up as you don’t know me,but it was attached to the rural property we moved into and started slowly in it’s anarchy. It affected my heart beat when it was around and drained of all energy. It hated the man I lived with and really wanted him to come to harm. It harmed his Dog,but never mine. Real crazy stuff. I moved. This was a few years ago. I am sure your Amazam was a lower entity and having fun . This was years before I converted to the LHP and I tried using Jesus and Priests to get rid and it made it 100 times worse. I know better now… Did this spirit affect your breathing or heart rate?


I am excited ! I found something out for you. Google ‘language translator’ type in AMAZAM and it means ‘will fly’ in ZULU!! it is a zulu spirit

I did some more research and definitely of African origin