Has anyone heard of the Gods of cryskull?

I’ve been hearing to pray to the gods of cryskull. Has anyone heard of these gods.

I have not but that is really interesting. Do you know anything about them?

I’ve never. I’m hesitant of evoking them. Idk why, but everytime I’ve talk with my gods. I hear that another voice saying pray to the gods of cryskull. I think they are for healing. Idk lol

Hmn. Check for a lesser entity messing with you. Get it to tell what cryskull is - a planet? A level in the astral? An obscure religion? What is it that’s big enough to have more than one god?
But be careful, I sense trickery.

There is a band called Cryskull. And it’s used as gamer names but otherwise it’s a pretty unique name. It’s never come up on this forum.

Who are your gods? Have you asked them about it?

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That is the most fucking metal marketing I have ever heard.

In all seriousness in what I gathered from
Maulbeere’s post he/she is sharp and knows their shit. Do you have entities you work with? If you don’t and you called out to whoever you opened the door for all sorts of spirits but no worries. Consult with your entities if you have them if not depending on what path you lean let us know someone will be able to point you to the right direction.


Lucifer and my own native culture spirits. I think it’s a imposter that’s trying to trick me. But yes I will be consulting soon to find out what’s cryskull.

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Yeah Lucifer will let you know he has for me, do you mind if I ask your native culture spirits. I am always looking to learn more.

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He-man & Skelator…The power of Grayskull is all that would come to mind.

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I might hazard that Cryskull is a shortening of ‘crystal skull’, which some history and significant magical implications. Or ‘crying skull’, which has connotations of being haunted.

You don’t happen to have any crystal skulls in the house do you?

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Banish, smudge, body and aura cleansing, grounding. :+1:

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No lol


Yes they are false. Parasites, imposters!