Has anyone healed cancer?

Just what the title says - has anyone successfully healed cancer in a human? Healing isn’t my strong point even though I’m well aware of the entities to do such things. Any info will be appreciated.


I’m working on that now for my niece.


It looks like a black dense energy.
Remove it with something made of iron, a scoop, tongs, whatever works, since that doesn’t conduct qi. Place it deep in the earth so it can’t return. Hygiene: Don’t touch it with your astral body and don’t breathe in when you deal with it, it can attach to you and trigger your body to react with cancer too, happens to qi healers sometimes.

But more will be produced all the time, so you have to keep doing it all the time to hold it at bay, and at the same time deal with what’s creating that blackness. Usually toxins in the environment (pollution, em waves, and human sources like stress, emotions, curses) and diet have got the body under attack, so you have to stop the barrage. That’s the hard part. Sometimes you just can’t help that, or not fast enough since it’s not a time to change your life - the people themselves can’t move to a place with clean air/water and healthy vibrations, and can’t/won’t stop eating poison because they won’t see it for what it is or can’t afford better.

Another technique that’s been working well for me lately, for healing the damaged area, is to see the area as it should be, visualise a blueprint from that, like, this is the original design to be restored. Watch the blueprint overlay the distorted area and firmly put it into place, pulling the reality of the flesh back to order. I sometime spontaneously hear it thunk into place. Know that the area is now returning to the design specified. Keep doing it anytime it gets out of spec.


Please let me know if and how you have any success and I wish her all the best in her healing :heart:


I will try this technique thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


@AradiaX I have healing ritual using Hygeia goddess of health that has aided cancer battlers. Let me know if you are interested i’ll pm you.


Dear i have a ritual PM me friend

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Maulbeere, your method makes much sense to me. Changing the blueprint,getting rid of the rogue cells and bringing cells back to a healthy natural state. To me,it is somewhat like the Law of Reversal,cells going back to a time before the immune system couldn’t vanquish the cancer cells. The immune system being healthy and strong.

I like the bit about using iron. I will add it and see what happens.

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Cancer is nothing more than fixed beliefs, certain fixed paradigms in the body/mind, about anything, this is not only based on religious beliefs, is based about reallity.
So cancer is a condition, like myopia per example or diabetes.

The beliefs we create with imagination, they get in clusters in the body, mainly in the right side of the brain and this will spread to certain areas in the body that has more relevance to that personallity traits.

So the main cause is this, having beliefs and building the body/mind from Up to Down. From the higher chakras to lower chakras. So the majority of people have some type of cancer.

Will come in place transcendence/enlightenment/nirvana. This awakening process will open Satan, Muladhara chakra/the famous rabbit hole.
There is no single case of natural death. Only lies about death everywhere.
An awakened human being will be able to live hundreds of years. As the awakened conquered the body/system and in consequence the body fluids get recycled constantly and rejuvenates.
If one is in dormant stage, simply means has not conquered consciously all the gates and parts of the body. Meaning, one has to conquer the famous “subconscious mind” Psychology is so afraid and does not talk about it, they call it unknown.

So yes, cancer is a child’s play for those who are brave enough to conquer darkness and let be molded by it.

Hail Satan!

Interesting concept. @anon95547948.
I understood what you wrote and not many of us have been spared from conventional thinking since birth. One would also need to know such modes of enlightened thinking exist.
Have you removed cancer from your body or reversed it?
Or anyone else’s body? How long did it take?
Sounds plausible to me.
Would love to hear about your successes.

to be honest, i’m not quite sure.

My grandma back then first got healthy again,
then the cancer came back having had clustered all over her body.

She did according to my family die in sleep,
as she had wanted,

and i had a nice conversation with her when i evoked her.
She claimed she went on to reincarnate,
after her burning funeral and my mantra to help her ascend.

My Grandma had claimed before, while alive,
she’d be quite sure there isn’t any afterlife at all.

She’d been a chef for decades,
and said she knew,
once gone,
there’s just darkness.

The same as in sleep,
if i got her correctly.

Well, if the Evokation wasn’t completely me talking to myself…
Which it didn’t look or feel like,
i may have changed her view a little bit.

Besides that, i can’t remember any case where i intended to heal cancer and succeeded.

So techniquely i haven’t healed it at all,
since she died after the cancer came back.
However, it’s arguably that my healing may have helped her stay a few month longer.

But that might be wishful thinking.

Damn, i’m really taking it reluctend, currently.



Cancer is a condition, those cells can become healthy again, by switching the mindset, and re-wiring of the neural and body system pathways, to a natural state.

Society today is full of lies about this, big time. So I’ll skip the majority of info out there and cling to Breath!, Meditation, Transcendence.
This can be done very quickly with high determination. So at the end of the day, there is no technique, there is no magic pill nor magic treatment.
To heal 1000 times faster, one has to go Apex Primal diet, skip all vegetables for a while, except fruit once in a while. Raw meat, raw eggs, raw milk, cheese. Animal probiotics.
Only the bacteria can help one heal anything in the process.
Why? Do your research, many of the bacteria are IMMORTAL!!! if they have unlimited resources to live :slight_smile: And SATAN!!!, Muladhara, Rabbit Hole, Legs, Bone Marrow has STEM CELLS!!!

Best of luck!

if i learned something from it,
healing in co-operation with Marbas,
may lead to later sickness coming up.

It seems to be a common pattern by now.

Marbas likes to have them eat another one, after a while.^^

Just to address this:
Cancer is a disease of overgrowth,
healing to much,
and thereby harming the regular cells and leading them to die off.

I guess i also want to add that i was a bit younger when healing my grandma,
therefore, less expierienced then by now.



Cancer is a growth of cells forced by beliefs. No matter what beliefs, even a fixed personallity can unleash this. If they are not grounded in SATAN and Reallity (the beliefs), they will spread big time.

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Well, unfortunately, she was Christian,
does that mean I have to let her die if I can prevent it?



Too much faith leads to this unfortunately. The entities of the light made themselves comfortable in her system, and this is the consequence. This can happen with any entitie.

So, folks out there that don’t know the root of the entities, do your homework first, before killing yourselves in the process.


you just really said that?

Choronzon, give me a break!^^