Has anyone experienced this?

It’s a strange question, but I want to ask you this. I’m very curious why.

I had a strange situation when repeating Enn, I don’t remember having a similar situation normally and when I searched the forum I didn’t find any results.

Today I was sitting in the park and I wanted to invoke the energy of Marchosias by repeating Enn for a topic (I won’t give details of the reason as it is not related to the topic) and I had a book in front of me that I was reading. I was repeating Enn while looking at the book and thinking about Marchosias, but in the process my whole right hand, which was on the table, started to go numb and after a while I started to feel a heaviness in my right hand (I couldn’t describe it exactly, I hope you understand). After a while I was almost unable to move my hand. After I stopped repeating Enn and moved my arm momentarily, the feeling went away.

After a while I tried it again and strangely this time I experienced this in my left hand. I couldn’t understand if it’s because of the position I’m standing in, why is this happening?

When you stay very still you can lose the sense of proprioception in your one or more of your limbs. This also happens when you sleep and is referred to when people describe the trance state as being “your body is asleep but your mind is awake”… Moving them brings it back.


The event I was talking about was not a long process, it was a process that took place in 1-2 minutes. So I was immobilized for a short time. Normally I know, yes, but I couldn’t understand why I was living so early. I’ve never experienced anything like this, even when I’ve been immobilized for a long time to repeat it.