Has anyone evoked the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

a question that I have been asking myself is has anybody evoked the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse either to question them or ask for them using them to cause major effects one or the other or all for once all Christians believe in the Four Horsemen so they must have some major have they has anybody done it what are the results after

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To my knowledge the 4 Horsemen is a metaphor, thus the names death, pestilence, famine, and war… not names of entities. Just a metaphorical way of saying death, pestilence, famine and war will happen to the people of earth if such and such happens or if the “antichrist” appears.

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there’s 3 of them. and theyre looking for us. so don’t look for them.

Afaik, there’s never been a time when they haven’t been present, plaguing innocent people’s lives… :frowning:

Actually everyone reading this has some basic concept that surgery much be done with sterile tools, wounds must be cleaned, and even that heat, and some chemicals and even moulds kill bacteria, so we’re all head-and-shoulders above the working knowledge of even the highest-ranking King or Pharoah’s doctors, from any time before about 1540 in theory, but in terms of practical application and use, as late as 1849 - which is pretty shocking.

And Sawbenah, I’m curious, why do you say there are 3? I did always wonder why Death was a seperate one, since that seems like the logical outcome of the others, but I’m pretty ignorant about this stuff since the Bible’s not really my big enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

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Ever since Cliff Burton died, Metallica has just no longer been the Four Horsemen.


However in.a working that I’m.preparing I am gonna evoke Baba Yaga’s Three Horsemen.

Is that the close enough?

Although that’ll come after my operations with Her.

sounds like a possible watch tower ritual…

Are we war or pestilence? ;p

I will say that there are a lot of groups and practitioners that deal with some aspect of the gods of death. See this for example. So the grim reaper aspect does show up in many occult practices.