Has anyone every call apon the source or universe

looking to see if anyone has contacted the source or tried to work with universe. are these real entitys that can be called. if so is it safe to contact the source.


Do you mean like Osorronophris

You’d kind of have to be specific since many people have varying ideas on what “source” is.

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yes i did intensive work with it.

really what was it like

EA mentions the source as in the true god during his astral travels and realm adventure but that is all the info i have on it, I assumed that the law of attraction and callling the universe to make change is the same as the source. since the source is all things.


i dont know who that is. where can i have more info.

I don’t really follow or agree with half the stuff by EA like most here do, so I don’t know his view on source but my own is more that it’s just a non sentient energy that exists and interwoven into creation and souls, not exactly a “true god” that tilts too close to monotheism to me. However, the source in my view I have worked with in the sense of working with the source that exists within myself.

However, thank you for explaining to me.


Personally I see the Universe as a living ecosystem with its own set of rules or physics which we can then harness and use to perfom magick. When I say living I mean it has a conciousness and that conciousness extends into every living thing that is a part of that universe and alive therefore Source.

But it’s not an individual entity its more abstract like nature. Although our own earth is often personified as various dieties as well such as Gaia. So I can see why some would see it personified such as in monothiesm. But personally I just don’t.

And how you choose to see Universe, Source, God whatever name you want to give it is up to you.

But in this abstract perspective I connect to it all the time and use it to fuel most of my work. But the power doesn’t merely come from Universe alone it’s also inside me and fueling ritual purely from myself is also legitimate so is asking a spirit I work with.

Or all three

I would say Source is about as safe or as dangerous as stepping outside into our physical ecosystem. But overall I have found it to be very welcoming and safe in my own personal experience.


I only work with it. But unfortunately I find it difficult to explain because it’s nothing like the usual… creative concepts, about spirits. It’s not exactly a spirit to work with. We are all part of it.

People can visualize whatever they want and call that working with whatever or whoever they want. When it comes to the source, “the all” in hermetics, that would be like trying to work with the entire existence with a steering wheel !

In my opinion, working with the source is done by mastering working with the elements and energy within and without. Other than that I personally believe won’t be effective.

There’s another way to get around that… by realizing that spirits are masks for the source. In all spiritual traditions, there is an all God ( Amun - El - Bondye etc ) and minor Gods and Goddesses. Usually introduced to humans as sons and daughters of that God. That’s how people used to work with the all in ancient civilizations because working directly with him/it required knowledge not available to the masses. They worked with his aspects or spirits instead. And it’s a good idea to start with them first.


Hi Thunderchief,

Yes and it’s hard to talk about because I don’t have the language that the best I can do.

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I did so through working with a certain Greek god who helped me to move backwards in time to the point where the First Being actually came into sentience. The ride was amazing, and learning the truth of where are the first gods and demons came from, as well as how violent the beginning was was mind-shatteringly amazing.

The ride lasted many eons, but I saw all of it happened in the span of around 20 minutes. Working with Chronos is funny like that.

When you work with Chronos, you have to expect that time is not going to flow like you expect it to.


I don’t really see the source as an actual being that can be worked with, more like a mass of energy (or at least that is how my mind processes it). It is chaotic, it is mindless, and tears itself into shreds, which then becomes beings as we know them yet still holds that piece of the source as it is separated. Perhaps it is just UPG on my end during a ritual I performed asking where my soul came from, but that is how I see the source as being.

That being said, I think the best way for you to find out is to try to call it and see what happens.


That’s how I’ve come to experience it as well the different sources. Although, I as I see it the beings and races it became came into being at different points like the gods and such, then as time progressed many other races came after such as angels, demons, yokai, Djinn, etc which the Gods created either by creating the body for the fragment of source to become or using their own source/divinity to bring a soul into being and that fragment of source is what made that soul a soul.


Calling on the source is calling on God. Personally I have noticed from my short stay here that most call on demonic entities, which also shows the general mental state of this community. As I see it you are the source and everything an extension coming from you, by calling the source you would be calling Yourself.


All being from source doesn’t exactly mean everyone is extensions of one another. It basically means we all have energy from a source but we are individuals. Source with individuality. Of course this is just my view as I don’t believe in a single source and no true god but a race of Gods. Which is where my belief differs from the overall view of the forum.


the source appeared to me as a huge star or white light with just a bit bright blue just a bit on its aura.

going there and interacting on the heart of the eternal i saw changing its colours when i was in contact with it into a fiery golden swrilling liquid light it reminded me of the gas planets it is very very powerful even just a drop of it it burns full of power like every single atom is nearly omnipotent kind of power i got there penetrating and feeding from it deep into that core then i got into a place that there was white bright light cone like structures like it was supporting the ocean of eternal power azazel calls them “The light cones” in gaps that there was no light cones there was a void of light,then deeper it is the core bright colours of all colours it emenates it is powerful omnipiotent.

then penetrating it i found myself into complete nothingness.


As I see it, the sense of individuality is an illusion needed for anything sentient to exist and the only true individuality is the source. Where there is vibration, movement or some form of creation an extension has been produced from the source, that extension will also eventually go back to the source, and so on for ever with out ending.

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Individuality being an illusion is usually a belief held by those that sustain the belief that they will return to source. Individuality is far from an illusion. Everyone being one only goes to a fundamental level as in all connected through energy but being connected through energy does not mean individuality is an illusion it means energy is energy no matter the individual. Especially given each individual energy has their personality traits into it but again it’s still energy. That and most believe in one source. However, I believe in multiple sources because what I find my soul to be from a different source than most call God or the “true God” but still connected because it’s still energy.


I do not see myself as returning to the source, I see myself as the source playing out a never ending drama and my personality tied to a sense of individuality is my mask which I take off at the end of the play. As I see it everything that has a beginning also has an end, even though that end might seem never ending sometimes those things that are finite are all illusions and the only true individuality is that of that which every thing came from, I just can´t stop myself from boiling everything down to one. To me, anything else would be a belief, an illusion.

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