Has anyone ever tried getting their own demonic legion?

I’m already aware at the great costs that would be involved. Those aside, has anyone ever tried getting their own legions of demons? If so, I’d appreciate if you shared any info about it or advice on the best way to do so.


I’ve been told I already have one. A friend who was projecting to me saw them. All I had to do was take command of it.


I have one, given to me by Azazel. I didn’t ask for it and I installed them in an astral location and let them run amok. It’s not my bag, as I prefer freedom to having that kind of responsibility, tbh,and anything the legion can go I can do another way.

I made the strongest “The Steward” and he takes care of it all. I check in now and then and the numbers shrink and grow and they’re kind of useless but I just don’t want to train them, which is what Azazel expected I’d do. What. A. Hassle.

Anyway, ask/petition someone (entity) who’s got lots for one and see what they say. :person_shrugging:


Not sure if it counts but I am in some kind of “legion sharing” situationship with a spirit that holds command over the branch in question. I am applying them to the tasks that are connected to the spirits nature.
Apparently I am not quite “there” yet when it comes to take responsibility for my own legion, but truth to be told: I might never be :grimacing:


There are many ways and each has benefits. Each also has work. If t dpesn’t come with work, kindly know you either have to train them or someone of mediocre ability may be able to wreck them. Or someone.of advanced abiloties could recruit them. Lots of “ifs” here.

If you work with some spirits long enough, you can call theirs, when they grant that.

If you work with certain types of God/desses enough, not only with they call for you (at times). Do this enough and you may find them coming to you.

For example, I’ve worked with enough psychopomps and Death God/desses, genuine service, that I just went to a US Civil War battlefield and got more volunteers withput asking. To further my work in War-affected areas. I had an old-standing family at this site come to me at their graveyard as I paid simple respects.

Since I also work with land spirits / local elementals, I paid respects to them, too. Some of them joined up to help protect the land from…disaster…in those areas.

Legions through cooperation. Though it does cost me occaisional fruit, voluntary beer, and genuine thanks.

Whether control of your own or through service, what matters most is your ability to back it up and lead by example in some way (or you wouldn’t have earned those you had).

My thoughts. Have to clean up from dinner
Afraid I don’t have spirits for that, quite yet.


Easiest way - work with known demons. You now effectively have a legion of demons available to you.

Rather laborious alternative - cultivate the skills needed to receive magick, develop demonic magick. Or just make a bunch of servitors and have them be like demons. Probably similar results.

Material alternative - found a mercenary company. “Private military contractors,” I mean. What’s the difference between a soldier and a mercenary? .gov vs .com, it would seem. Capitalism! Mercenaries are just in it for the money though! That’s why the government wants to pay off your loans and make it so you never have to concern yourself with a resume, for the honor of service. These demons would be more expensive, however, and perhaps not the best at all tasks. But with a little creativity, anything is possible!


What can a demon like that do?
Is it similar to a sort of servitor but with free will?

I asked Paimon what to do with the legions that are with me.
He told me, “they know when to play, work, rest, practice [drills]. They have captains and generals.”

I keep seeing people say “train them” how does one even go about training a legion.

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Thats what I want to know.

You could ask another spirit that excels in certain areas to mentor them. If your legion is elemental, for example, you could have them “apprentice” under each of the four elemental kings, where they would learn how to use each elemental current.

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