Has anyone ever summoned god?

For a while I was asking God to do “some freaky Old Testament shit” to scare my mom, and I would usually get that rumbling sound that sounds like an earthquake. Really it was just good timing because I hear that sound usually at least once a week anyway. I have no idea what it really is.

I don’t know if she heard it

(He’s mad that I tried to downplay it so I’m editing this to say forget that part)


If you don’t mind me asking … who do you believe is the head or highest ascended master that when threw time keeping everything in place

reminds me of the Lords prayer to be honest-part of it saying “thy will be done, thy kingdom come on earth asi t is in heaven”

Lady Eva, led a cadre of BALG magickian and demons who “killed / weakened” him. Check out the link below.

Given how many people have evoked him recently, I’d say he’s still alive. A being with so many followers can’t just be killed, I wouldn’t think.


I called him to ask him if the Bible was part of the truth of the world. And he became very snobby and questioned my intellect, and at that time I became very pissed and didn’t want him around anymore, so instead of asking him to leave, I summoned one of Heckate’s hellhounds and he immediately left out of fear.


Yaweh demands that you obey him unyieldingly for little to no power. That’s what my buddy is trying to say here.