Has anyone ever summoned god?

I have been in this forum for so long and have read people summoning pretty much anything but something I did not find are people attempting to summon god (the christian god), why is that?
And if someone did, what were your experiences with that?


It don’t answer.


Because god is dead. We are what’s left of it.

How did it die? Any book regarding that? Seems interesting.

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Seeing as this forum even have christians on it with a strong beliefe in it i find it hard to believe that you cant find any one that havent summoned ”god”.
Now then here is the interesting part, some of the person that have summoned or worked with god can leave testament that he a weak ass ”imposter” and for some its a force to be reckond with.
Why i cant answer, i have tried in desperat moments in my life before omstarten magic to ask for the Christian gods help to no awail, that whybibturned my back towards christianitys god.
The reason might be that its simply as ppl say that ”god” is an imposter and ppl that have luck with it dont really conntact that god but an underlying divine force or source or whatever you choose to call it.

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Yahweh has a lot of power, but he demands a lot of obedience for you to see any of that power. Not just not killing people, but actually being a force for good in the world. One of the reasons that I left Christianity for the final time was I had the gall to say, “No, I’m not going to tell this Taxi Driver the Gospel.” Suddenly, I don’t get a vision for a week, and my gifts of healings took a vacation too. Fuck that shit. I was called to the Office of a Prophet, and I was even being trained by an individual in the Office of an Apostle. But, during my week-long dry spell I had some time to think for myself and I realized how fucked up Yahweh really was, so I left. Yahweh tried to get me back but each time I resisted. Eventually I said one day, “I renounce every contract I have made with Yahweh, Jesus, and they’re Spirit. I renounce my Baptism, I renounce every word where I pledged my allegiance. I renounce it all and it is renounced.” Yahweh stopped bothering me after that, so I suppose it worked.


People on here have done it or discuss it quite a bit. Put into the search “YHWH”, “Yahweh”, “Jehovah”, or “Jesus” with one of these words “summon”, “invocation”, or “evocation”. You should get some decent info (albeit experiences will vary).

The problem with the god of the Bible is that he was either an ancient ancestral deity of the Ivrim (Hebrews) that eventually merged with or replaced another Canaanite deity that gave rise to a new god. Or he could be simply an egregore inspired by other popular deities locally.

Another problem is all the thought-forms that exist of Yahweh and Jesus. Cults, denominations, and individuals have created their god based off of their interpretation of bible, philosophy, or dogma. Over time these thought-forms have gained some degree of sentience and power because of the energy their followers have fed them. But other versions have seemingly died or are fading. Now are their actual entities that assume the deific mask of YHWH or Jesus? I believe so.

Jesus has some specific issues to consider. With him you could get, like YHWH, an egregore or an entity that has assumed the identity of JC through the deific mask. Another unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility, option is that some have conjured his human ghost. If he was half of what the New Testament says, he might have risen to a higher state like something similar to an ascended master.

My suggestion to get to the oldest version of the god of the Bible is to summon him with the Tetragrammaton in the Canaanite script.


Incantations can be as easy as the Psalms (chapter 119 if you can stand to read that much), prayers from the Jewish tradition, or just repeat “Hallelu-Yah, Hallelu-Yah, YAAAAAAHHHHHH (vibrate) Hashem, Hashem, Adonai Elohim.” Deuteronomy 6:4 could cantilated or vibrated in Hebrew would also work. “Shema Yisrael, Yah Eloheinu, Yah echad.” Just an FYI, in modern Judaism they don’t say the Tetragrammaton. Rather they use substitutes like Hashem or Adonai in its place to protect the sacredness of the name.

If you need ideas on tools maybe print or right out by hand the Hebrew of a Torah passage. Either something about the revealing of his name or a part about his covenant with ancient Israel or Abraham. The books of Genesis and Deuteronomy would be good places to grab a passage or two from. If you have a rams horn (shofar), White and gold candles, Frankincense and Myrrh for incense, red sweet wine, bread (challah if you can make or buy it), white table cloth, a couple pomegranates, and maybe some Jewish instrumental music (look into Temani or Sephardi traditional songs). Having on all white with your head covered would also be an added touch.

Of course, none of these tools are absolutely necessary but I’m just providing some ideas on how to connect to that ancient current. Also I’m not sure if this plays a part in it but do remember YHWH and Jesus (the “Yeshua” version) have an aversion to pigs being eaten or used for “sacred” purposes. Big no, no, and is one of the reasons the Temple had to be rededicated because the Greeks desecrated the altar with sacrifices of pigs to a foreign god.

While I may have given these suggestions here I’m not endorsing the Bible, YHWH, or Jesus. I have my reasons and many times it falls into logic, rationale, and other internal problems with the theologies and the text itself.


Interesting. Do you think that’s why Christianity has such a strong focus on repentance of sin? After all, YHWY, according to church tradition, doesn’t allow anyone who is sinful into the kingdom, now or when he will supposedly redesign the earth. That’s the reason for Jesus, according to Pauline doctrine.

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Tetragrammaton is vary neat and connects so many theories into fact and dates back before Christ era , now that isn’t to main starting source that as the almighty creator. Sumerian’s to the Egyptian gods and the roles each one had and the branch’s spread out since that time thru time to today . Mythology , symbology, metaphorical comparisons of the different times (eras) all have something incommon that leads back to the original source.

I did…he was an asshole so I made him leave

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“God is dead and we have killed him”

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In truth-its not that they wouldn’t, it’s that if I’m correct, he’s an archon-someone who keeps us in the reincarnation cycle.

Now, I have spoken with Jesus before as he is an ascended master and he’s quite chill

I think that the energy will be too much to withstand even if the evocation is successful

As many have said, he’s simply an eregregore formed by the beliefs and energies fed by christians. There are accounts on the forum if you search for God/Yaweh/YWH/Adonai followed by invocation or evocation. But, all I have to say is the testament is how weak of a spirit he is. Simply invoking hellfire is enough to drive it away. You might ask “What about the Goetiacon? They call upon god to protect them.” That I answer is it’s affirming you as a divine being (Which you are). It uses your own energies as power. So long as you believe your protected by whatever you want it doesn’t matter.

So In that case god isn’t dead? He lives through us?

On one hand I may “make” my personal experience by putting into practice the idea of approaching God magically (even invoking Him into myself). On the other, reading this topic it would seem there are some issues…

lmao care to explain?

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Why’s that? If he is just an egregoire that would make sense, but at this point he’s a spirit right?

I really like what @StewardofSophia said here. Yahweh demands strict obedience. He demands a contract - a covenant - which is taken very seriously. There are lots of conditions. And when one has sinned, the connection remains lost until one has been redeemed (by prayer, by the blood of Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, etc.).

He is powerful, but very fickle, capricious, and unpredictable. Like Allah, he grants prayers based on his will, and his will cannot be questioned or mocked. I have sometimes questioned what such-and-such demon may have done, and I have whined to my Mother Hekate; their reactions are very different from Allah’s or Yahweh’s: they explain themselves or look upon with bemusement, but they don’t get angry. Yahweh and Allah get angry, and are not afraid to punish. So much so that devotees look upon any negative event as divine punishment, rather than the natural consequence of some action that may have nothing to do with the devotee.

Many people who work with Yahweh/Allah tend to pray to him rather than invoke or evoke him. It’s considered rude to invoke or evoke him; it’s politer to talk to him. That said, many methods of seeking his favor mimics how ancients and we deal with divinities (and, frankly, how many people deal with those with power and influence): rank bribery and flattery. At least we can calls 'em as we sees 'em without blushing or feeling ashamed, eh?