Has anyone ever had an obsession spell cast on them, and how did you remove it?

Hello all. I’m asking this question because of a specific situation I am in at the moment (ongoing for about 2.5 years now, and hoping to get some insight/help. Here’s the back story:

I “met” this man online. We began to develop some kind of online friendship. However, my intuition kept telling me to stay away from him. He gave off extremely strong Hitler/bitter/angry/superior vibes. Even though I had no idea what he looked like - I picked up on that energy. Fast forward a few months… I STILL do not like him, but something kept pulling me to reply anyway… I still had not known what he looked like, but eventually we exchanged pictures. And for those of you wondering if I might just be “infatuated” - no, he was not my type at all. Not that I have a “physical criteria” , but if I did - he certainly would not fit it. His energy is also quite disturbing.

The next day I was sick, I couldn’t sleep, and all of a sudden I’m wanting to have his babies and marry him. I’m obsessing over him, thinking about spending the rest of my life with him. And this came out of nowhere, he’s never once flirted with me, never discussed a prospective relationship - nothing… We finally met up and I found myself trying to get rid of him, because I knew something was off, but I didn’t believe in magick at the time, so I just brushed it off as him being my “twin flame”. Eventually, it got to the point where I felt suicidal and felt as if I could not live without him. I felt like he was controlling my entire life through mind control or something, because everything I wanted to do - I wanted to run it by him. I was never this way before. Never suicidal, especially over some douche, or would ask “permission” from people to do something as simple as wanting to go out, or eat a certain dish, or ask if I could CALL MY OWN MOM. The other thing that threw me off was his racist vibes. He’s German, and I’m Asian and definitely look the part… I’ve passed for some other unexpected ethnicities (Spanish, Greek, Sicilian, Indian etc). This is an important part for later on in the post. I know for a fact he is racist. Because every time I was around him, I was picking up on some racist thoughts like “I wish she were blonde/wish she’d bleach her skin/what will my parents think??” But when I would leave - I wouldn’t feel insecure about my own ethnicity/colour of my hair etc…

There was a time where I had finally gotten away from this control freak (although his control tactics were very passive in nature), and I felt as if some strong force was pulling me back. Even when I wanted to see other men after I gottten rid of him, I still felt like I was “cheating” on him, I’d crying and become suicidal over him once again. It stopped for a while, and I managed to get rid of him by lying about me being a relationship - but now it’s beginning to start again. For some odd reason, he’s always doing this stuff from March - Oktober. His persistence really bothers me. We have not been in contact for 7 months - which I intend to keep that way. He’s actually the reason why I began this practice, because I see how effective it is, so I wanted to put this kind of practice for productive purposes. But unfortunately, I still feel it. I even have visions of him doing rituals and all that. A lot of times I feel like his spirit is here… watching me. Even as I type this…

Many of my friends picked up that work was being done on me, particularly by him. Even before I told them something was off. Sorry that was a lot longer than expected. Does anyone have any similar experiences, any tips on making this man leave me alone for good?? Or any ideas on what work he’s actually doing on me - a specific ritual?

Just wanted to add, some ideas on why he may have done this to me. I feel like it’s because a) I rejected him, and possibly ruined any chances of him being in a real relationship. b) I’m “non committal” and there are some conquerer types, who like to see if they could make the “cold” person commit/fall in love. I get the feeling he’s that type.

I appreciate all answers and feedback - thank you :slight_smile:

Just because he prefers white,blonde and blue eyes doesn’t make him racist, no more than some one who prefers brunettes with green eyes.

But I don’t think he put a spell on you, especially if he does prefer what you said.

maybe some where in your subconscious you are attracted to that.

Many Asian cultures are attracted to the blonde European, lots of Chinese people for example bleach their skin to not look like they belong on the lower class working in the crop fields.

So it could be a collective subconscious attraction.

True. There are other things about him that make me feel his racism, but that’s too much of a long story unfortunately.
I feel like meeting him has brought up many wounds I know I should heal, but feels like there’s something much. More to this. Especially the controlling aspect, and suicidal thoughts…

Is he spiritual?

Do you know if he practices the occult or religion?

He’s very spiritual and does practice the occult. He would never say, or admit it but I’ve caught him practicing and doing research. He denied it, then tried to gaslight me and say I was just imagining stuff haha. With his career, he could easily deny it and say “well my career is x,y,z… It is simply not logical

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I see, well my advice would be to do a ritual cleansing bath to remove unwanted energies,

and then maybe supplement that with a full banishing ritual.

Just in case.

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I love this guy’s channel… Just never saw this video. Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

Happy banishing. :grin:

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how r u feeling now ? has your issue been resolved ?

So today I got majorly horny and started thinking about the maintenance man that I’m not really into heavily. I was obsessed with pleasing him and I ain’t studying pleasing no man. When he came over he was taking his time and flirting a lot. So I bunked him heavy the way I saw fit then sent him packing but before I did I fake a deep surrender got all the tea, his fantasies of being done anal, how he likes to be treated like a bish and more. I used him like a plastic toy then sent him on. He asked to come over after work and I stood him up. After he left I asked him if he did and he wouldn’t respond. Next time he does it I’m a just screw someone else and think of him. See how he likes that.

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No lol. This is just awful lol. That love spell was removed, now I have another one from a new person . lmaoo. wow. how messed up.

:smiley: how are you dealing with it ?lol

Have you had one on you? hope you haven’t!!!
And i’m not going to lie, it just feels so good so a part of me is kind of indulging even though this is complete rape. and you wanna know a weird thing? It’s a pattern of men, they’re two specific races, and we always meet the same way. soo creepy!!! i wouldn’t wish this on anyone. and it;s i know i need to get rid of it, but it feels so good in a creepy drug way, so … im not dealing well lol

i am in a similar situation myself . but its hard to believe that she might have put a spell on me. although i had a spirit visit me 2 years back. and it stayed for some 3 months with me. felt like a thorn in my heart and it was constantly bleeding, while u cannot stop thinking about this person and no matter how much she shuns me … i keep finding ways to get back to her. last month my senses were heightened. i began to think of her so much so that it made me sick to my stomach. literally. i felt the urge to throw up.

now we are in no contact. i feel a sense of calm. but the obsession has just been turned down a notch. still thinking a way to get back to her.

trust me i know the feeling.

what do you mean?

edit: what are the building blocks of an obsession spell? if you know .


I know that feeling of finding it hard to believe someone has cast a spell on you, let alone an obsession one! Welll, if there’s anything I know about these spells, is that there will be some kind of contact. Were you attracted to her before, or did you just randomly feel obsessed? aka obsession spell?

and what do you specifically mean by “building blocks”? Sorry, I did not fully understand this. I wrote a new post, about how the obsessions spells usually hit me because I have visions. It’s a long read, but hopefully it answers your question? If not–I hope you found it entertaining at least?

Price of the bond=(Copuon pmt.(1-(1+r)^-n)/r)+(FV/(1+r)^n)
ie. ((1000

Either way, I hope you remove it. This is pure hell!

Oh sorry! I accidentally copied and pasted my homework lol. That link is what I meant to post :stuck_out_tongue:

OP, I’d be curious to hear more about your thoughts and feelings under this supposed love spell. How do you know that you simply aren’t infatuated with this guy? Remember, the vast majority of people out there aren’t occultists, so it would probably be safer to assume that you aren’t under some spell

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