Has anyone ever communicated with the heavenly armourer?

So I was wondering if anyone here has worked with the angel who makes the weapons of “heaven”? And if you have t was your experience? Cause i think he communicated to me through my dreams cause I keep seeing a image of a sword on an anvil with a mark I haven’t seen before also can someone help me figure out what the dream means too?


Swords are a hell of a symbol. I promise that it is not a call to do violence. I don’t know what it means for you, but for me it was a call to understand the value of rhetoric and to go forth with spiritual boldness.

Maybe check out some Aristotle. He was sort of a dick, but he had the right attitude about arguments. He taught Alexander the Great (also a dick) so swords are an appropriate calling card.

In Greek tradition, the weapons of the Gods were made by Hephestus. Hephestus made the best weapons, but didn’t get along with Ares. The Greek gods were a big hot mess, but so are humans. I like that about them.


Azazel is considered as one who taught humans to make swords.
Sword is also a symbol of air element in tarot.


Then there’s the obvious trick of English:

I get that but in the bible there was a war among angels known as the heavenly war this is when Lucifer supposedly fell there was an angel who made weapons for the war because God said to so I wonder if this angel has reached out to anyone.

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As was said earlier, in Tarot the sword is the symbol of air and ideas. To a Tarot reader, the notion of forging swords means going to school or writing an article - hammering out s strong idea

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So the forging angel is telling me to be creative?

Could be. Maybe more broadly - to study something? Read a book you have been meaning to read? Not so much creativity as disciplined thoughtfulness?

I have a fairly disciplined life…well mostly I’m busy getting ready for the military service in one year. Idk why I mentioned that but maybe it has something to do with my future/choice for the future

You’d be a fun history/philosophy teacher :wink:


When you read mythology you can see that smith-gods are always creative.


The closest I can think of to an angel that’s a blacksmith, is an angel associated with Geburah/Mars (since they’re closely associated with warfare).

I haven’t spoken to that sort of angel before, but if I were to go looking for one, that’s where I’d start. Maybe start with Archangel Kamael and see where it takes you.

thanks i had a weird dream that involved a forging angel and a demon making a sheath for it the sword had a strange mark on it.

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This is in no way concerned with who makes weapons of heaven or anything of sort.

This simply means something is coming your way, either positive or negative; the sword there means that it is something tough/great; the mark there that you haven’t see before means that it is something that has never happened to you before, nor ever come across.

It may lead you somewhere beautiful and great or you end up in the opposite. It’s up to you to take step on it; to know if it will be something good or bad.

If it’s good, then await it. If it’s bad prepare for it or seek how to escape it.

Hiya! OP, your dream doesn’t sound like it’s mentioning any specific Spirit, though I’m not in your head- what does it sound like to you? Does the sword or anvil whisper to you, or remind you of something? A lot of Spirits are bad at communicating in direct and understandable ways, just as a lot are good at it! :slight_smile:

The sword and anvil remind me of my lust for power. Causing me to remember my lack of said power. And perhaps the sword on the anvil is a reminder to let go of that unfulfilled lust.

Hi there! It doesn’t seem like the anvil means that in the context you outlined. If you’ve ever watched the anime Ushio and Tora, the closest thing I can compare the feeling I get from your dream is the creation of the Beast Spear. That mark you mentioned might be the sigil for your very own ‘weapon to create your fate’; it tastes to me that you actually need that sword for what you want to do in life and in the now. :slight_smile:

Very interesting point over veiw.

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He has appeared to me in more than one form. But he did appear in his armor at first… perhaps to break the ice. I love that he shows me different sides of himself. Such a gentlemen.