Has anyone ever been physically injured by an astral parasite?

How common is it? How big problem is that?

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It’s not all that common, astral parasites can only really leech off you while you’re astral projected or asleep, most astral parasites are thoughtforms created by fears or created then no longer thought of so before they fade they try and leech off however they can. They don’t affect the physical just individual’s perception of the physical or even in their dream state through nightmares if they leech by means of fear per example.

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And what if that happens?
If the parasite cuts my face after the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, and trying to paralyze ((similar to sleep paralysis)
on the end ?

Then it might not be an astral parasite.

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Very reassuring answer!
This dude often scratching on the ceiling, and many times I used bad words. When I feel his
negative energy, then I’m sleeping badly (that means I’m still tired after 10 hours of sleep, usually 8 hours is enough for me). I didn’t do any spiritual things.

Yea I’m still battling them when my deities

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