Has anyone ever been able to use their minds/magick to change something on a computer?

I was wondering if it is possible to change something on a computer using the power of one’s mind, or with the help of spirits.


Look into XaTuring.


Thank You very much, I will.

Does a 3DS count? I used a chaos sigil to get Giratina in the Pokémon Omega Ruby GTS.


@Lady_Eva does it all the time. Ask her for advice.

Lady Eva, can you please chime in and give us some advice?

I fixed your thing that time, I can do some cybermagick but can’t really teach how, you kind of “just do it.” :+1:

Try that, invent a complicated ritual before if that might help with the belief and immersion (that’s not sarcasm btw, getting “in the zone” matters) then just do it.


Legit one of my favorite Pokemon, second to evee. Fun fact, I’ve summoned Giratina and even dealt in possession with him.

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Definitely look into XaTuring. Also aliens, if you’re willing. Definitely not for everyone.

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Depends what you want to do. I have had some success influencing technology mostly to kill it but I have managed to speed things up and change things such as stoplights to work my way. I am not as good at as I wish to be but not a lot of opportunity to practice because I don’t want to use my own computers to practice on. In theory it shouldn’t be too much harder than manipulating someones mind and brain but there is a distinctly different mindset and feel to it from what I have experienced.