Has anyone ever asked spirit (any) what really goes on in Freemasonary?

There’s a lot of judgement, secrecy and bull online about Freemasonry… I keep oddly getting drawn to it from one reason or another, either a temptation or some other reason… (missing out?)… Ive driven to temples and sat outside… ive been inside the biggest in london for a tour…
They either hold great secrets as we do with grimoires and experience, or they hide nothing and its all a trick of smoke and mirrors, fake ‘knowledge’ only to worship something they otherwise wouldnt on face value… justifying through this knowledge share…I know if you are a follower of Jesus your application is declined… but is this as your mind wont be swayed to alternative decisions, or that it is the opposition of it. Talk to a chritian they’ll say its evil… the church want it banned…(politically or spiritually tey dont say why) the freemasons will say its a boys club and nothing more… Crowley joined all of them, event he various ‘star’ groups, he called himself the most evil man on earth… he also followed egytian magick path which freemasons symbolise too.

Has anyone asked about it in their ritual workings, working with spririts who know exactly who they all bow or worship… or give respect to?

Surely working with spirits gives us the advantage to pass through physical barriers and find out.

Only really after experiences from spirit not opinions… maybe you are a freemason and you wil lsay its all nothing but fancy dinner parties… but its there for a reason and maybe you are under spell.

I dont seek to offend.

Freemasonry is not a boy’s club or an occult society. However, some Masons–entire lodges in rare cases–may treat it as such. It is a fraternity with exoteric purposes of self-improvement and benevolence to all, that is, ideally, to be founded on the esoteric goal of acquiring true self-knowledge via introspection. It’s about a man finding his rightful place in this or his world. If you go into the Grand Lodge in London, you’ll see a seat–made of stone I think–on which the Grandmaster sits that has “Know Thyself” engraved on it.

As far as I know, you are never rejected for a specific spiritual belief but rather the lack of one. However, some lodges do accept atheists. In most of the Western World, Masons tend to have a Christian affiliation of some sort but they’re unlikely to be the born-again and evangelical types. The church and other establishments typically resist something different because they want everyone to be like them ( :slight_smile: the chief cause of the world’s problems IMO :slight_smile: ). However, the days when Masons and the church were bitter enemies are long gone: both have evolved into something that is generally far more open and accepting than it used to be. They might not love each other but they’re not at each other’s throats necessarily.

Most lodges engage in the standard rituals, charity and some social stuff like dinners, open days etc. Go visit a lodge if they hold an open day for the public: most larger lodges do. I’m pretty sure the one in London does. Yes, there are some Masons who are far more inclined towards the introspective or esoteric aspects of Masonry but they don’t seem to be a majority. Many Masons treat it like a boy’s club or general charity but that isn’t what it’s all about.

Nothing juicy necessarily goes on in your average lodge. In fact, people leave the fraternity because some lodges are so fucking boring or old-fashioned. That’s one drawback of the fraternity: they seem rather slow in letting go of their unnecessary traditions, i.e. the stuff that isn’t allegorical with some hidden meaning beneath the symbolism.

Crowley was definitely more esoterically inclined than an average Mason and certainly more flamboyant: he couldn’t be held by their restricted/traditional points of view. He eventually left and formed is own orders that focussed entirely on mystical and occult practices. One thing to note: this is a 5 million strong, worldwide organisation and you’ll have a few arses in there to be sure, so don’t expect a totally hunky dory set up. A family of 5 can be complicated and you can bet Freemasonry has/had/will have issues from time to time.

What spirit operates in Freemasonry? Well, it would be best described as a kind of a Universal Humanism. However, I think the spirit of inquiry and truth is the real active aspect from an individual Mason’s perspective. The name they give to their deity is somewhat impersonal, i.e. GAOTU (Great Architect Of The Universe).

You know, since you’re so drawn to it, just go talk to someone in the lodge. I think the London lodge should be an okay bunch. Check it out. No harm done.


That is erroneous. In the freemasons there are christian and muslim filth too. To be accepted as a member is very simple but this is not to be spoken in public.


strange, this was first hand from those when asked about god, they mention Jesus and they are turned away.
A rich guy i know was asked in, he went, they interviewed him, he said he was previously a born again JW pastor, his application was unsuccessful.

Yeah your rich friend is full of shit.

If his application was declined it’s because he was either a fucking asshole to his interviewers or he got blackballed by someone in the lodge for being a known sonofabitch.

More likely however he’s making shit up; Baptists, Catholics, and JWs tend to talk a lot of unfounded shit about masons.

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Crowley was not accepted by most masons as he joined an irregular lodge (regular and irregular are important in freemasonry and any irregular freemason is not recognised as a freemason at all by regular grand lodges.

There are some Grand lodges wich uses a christian systems but most accept you no matter what faith.
However if you talk to much and is a bit preachy and trying to convert anyone you can get kicked out.

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This might actully be becuse JWs tend to be preachy and forcing their wiews on people.

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Born-again types might struggle in Masonry because they’re evangelical enthusiasm would be somewhat unwelcome in a group that generally discourages overly religious or political discussions. It’s more about one-to-one relationships, i.e. accepting people as they are without trying make them like you and some general benevolence towards humanity at large, and self-knowledge at the core. Further, those who take the Bible literally may find the symbolism and allegory that you find throughout Masonic material and lodges confusing or conflicting with their personal views. It’s best avoided by those who are incapable of independent thought.

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I am not a Freemason, but am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, so I’m at the lodge a lot. The Masonic lodge here is primarily composed of Baptists and other Evangelicals, and also some Catholics. Some of these people are even ordained as ministers, yet somehow, they manage to make it in Masonry without trying to convert everybody. They understand the symbolism and allegory for what it is, and so do the Eastern Star members.

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that’s cool.

I think nothing controversial goes on in Freemasonry. This is all an urban legend

All of their info is already out there.

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I always thought the rule was you had to believe in a higher power to join. Didn’t matter which higher power but you had to believe in one.
I had a tour of the lodge here in Dublin by chance and was interested to see it was absolutely filled with occult symbolism the tour guide was playing down so I didn’t pretend I knew what it meant. Obviously being female I couldn’t join but was never into the Masons like that anyway. No issue with them though. Any I’ve met seemed nice.

yeah they do play it all down… I recall there’s a stone in the center of the entrance to the UGL in london… they tour guide went “look, were not magic, this stone apparently is a gateway to other worlds… but look bangs the stone its just a rock” then we walk through a huge door that has what looks like souls all over it, about 20 foot high weighs 2 tonnes each, uses little finger to move it “see, clever”.

The use the hall for fashion shows and other things… there was an awards ceremony there a few years back, its all in plain sight, knowing we dont fully understand the symbols - “theres nothing to see here… look, what youg onan do with that, touch it…does nothing see… now sit down, stop snooping” mentality… there were still areas i couldnt visit, such as an underground staircase and rooms above which ive also seen in use in bbc dramas…(chernoble).

Anyway im waffling now… my point was, this is all physical realm, has anyone asked about it from the side that knows all knowledge, can see through walls, has anyone astral travelled and seen anything

@NorthantsMage The GLs that accept atheist are not recognised by most of the GLs that has the requirment of beleving in a power.

Lets say that a freemason from the Grand Orient de Frances wants to visit a lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England(UGLE). He would not be allowed to enter as UGLE dont recognise him as a freemason.

It really depends on the applicant and/or the lodge. Sometimes it’s the applicant and sometimes it’s the lodge–there are a few lodges that still follow their own methods, i.e. not strictly Masonic, which can, in rare cases, included filtering by social status/wealth, religion or even race.

I’ve been a Freemason for about 13 years now. I must say it was one the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can remember as a little boy going up to the mailbox at my grandparents and finding mail for my grandpa that had the square and compasses on it. It intrigued me even at that the age of 7 or 8. I finally made the decision to join and got accepted. Went through the first 3 degrees then petitioned the Scottish Rite and got 4th through 32nd degree. Joined Eastern Star and loved it. It truly is a Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of man. But… A person’s definition of God is up to the individual. You must believe in some sort of higher power. Freemasonry is made up of symbols and allegories. Rituals, secrets and tools to help better yourself. Masons are in every religion, faith, whatever. If someone tells you “the Masons asked me to join their lodge” they are full of it. True Freemasons NEVER ask ANYONE to join. It is up to the individual to seek that path and how far they want to take it. Yes, Freemasonry does have some darker aspects to it. The symbolisms have different meanings the higher in the degrees you go. The initiations get darker, more secretive, physical and deep. I’ve seen younger men not even make it through the first degree because of being scared. But, that is just some of what I have been through personally. I know I would do it all over again if I had the chance.