Has anyone ever actually had a Demon or Angel come to them physically?

Wierd. I’d forgotten a childhood experience and this reminded me… yes. It wasn’t a dream. I didn’t leave my body. There were 4 angels in my room in each corner - only they were so big only part of them fit into the room - all I saw was the black hems of robes. It wasn’t the glowing lovey dovey angels I was at that time indoctrinated with - these terrified me. Said nothing. Did nothing - just were there. Then they weren’t. They didn’t have feet and it sparked an intense fear of anyone levitating feet off the ground. The room felt heavy and oppressive after. How strange I hadn’t thought about that in years!!!


Yes one time an angel visited me when I was 5, it stood in the corner of my room right across from my bed. Don’t remember much just remember being absolutely terrified and screaming for my mum :joy:

The Closest I Can Think Of Is I Didnt “See” Them. I Was Walking Home From School, And Some Reckless Jackass Would Have Killed Me With His Car But Someone Pushed Me Out Of The Way, But When I Looked Back There Was No One. Except A White Light.


Or bullet time like the matrix. Had a couple of those in life where I should be very dead.

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Thanks for everything you do for I would be honored if you can tell me about my to succubus queen and princess both of them from binding from eBay I know that they are real I talk to them with the pendulum but they just don’t manifest no sex no dreams it’s been two months please let me know if you can help thank you they are both bound to vessels

Yes…Lucifer …came in my room twice…i know it was him because when he walked away he immediately shot his sigil in my third eye


A Angel sat on the side of my bed too when i was 5🤗

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Yes, but what was weird I didn’t evoke him. He came to me on his own. I guess he got tired of waiting on me to get my shit together.


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@Lady_Eva shared a post on how to do this. It’s a video from E.A. Koetting and it’s changed the game for me.

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No. I wish that Duchess Bune or some Succubus would physically come to me.

It’s not possible. It seems.

From what I understand, it would take too much energy. The whole E=mc2, quantum mechanics thing. Energy into Physical mass.

Let me tell you my story when I was ten years old in Hartford CT I saw my father heat my mother as he usually did and he was also molesting me so I said out loud alone in a dark room I would sell my soul for a home to give to my mother by the time I was ten I was homeless twice my father had kidnapped me and molested me as he usually did and Lucifer got me what I asked for in 1994 a home in Puerto Rico with three bathrooms two living rooms and four bedrooms but that is not all my father committed suicide in my home after he molested a five year old niece of mine who prosecuted him to the bitter end I just remembered that after Lucifer peace be upon him gave me a trip to Rome and Germany when my brother was stationed in Germany after he came back from the your in Iraq during the 9-11 aftermath invasion of Iraq but the thing is I forgot the whole thing got a job as a security guard for ten years and in 2003mid August the devil Lucifer appeared to me he did not say anything but at the time I wanted to be a priest and right there he gave me a social security pension and Medicare for my many illnesses during hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico I suffered a two year black out but it all came to an end when I made a pact with Marbas to give up my favorite time of the year Halloween in exchange for electricity and within a week he bought me two power generators to power my CPAP machine and watch television what I’m trying to do is now get the Lucifer to give me three more wishes in exchange for the seal of the beast in my right hand which according to the truth movement is an RFID chip injected into my right hand nostri amo Lucius Castor semper vie la lux de Deus est I’ll dimini I’ll globulus et moi est totuus tuus pur semper la morte nos ampara di Mathew 22:30 La penumbre morte salve angelo c eleste roi di I’ll mundi oh Sana en El Cielo salve


Lucifer came in my room twice…cloaked/hooded

In '08 I was involved in a car chase with Azazel. I was coming out of a Walmart around 3am and there was a guy in a green sedan parked a few spots away from me. As soon as I got in my car I noticed him staring at me with an unnerving intensity and his eyes were big and black. Not fully black, but the irises were noticeably bigger than normal and he didn’t avert his gaze for a split second. I tried to act normal and leave the parking lot like I hadn’t noticed him, but he followed me. I began speeding down the street and he kept up with me, even getting up beside me and staring some more. I kept going till I got close to the police station(I thought he was just some crazy guy still and was following the common sense protocol of go to the police station if you’re being followed) and when I pulled into the parking lot, he drove past very slowly, still staring, and just vanished behind the building. I called my boyfriend at the time who had me come over and when I told him the full story and described the guy, he got real quiet. He said he didn’t wanna scare me, but that guy wasn’t a person, he was a demon that he worked with on a regular basis but I shouldn’t worry cause he was probably just “checking me out”. Said that this demon always checks out anyone that gets involved in his life, and he told me his name but for years I mis-remembered it as “Azrael”. I only recently figured out it was actually Azazel, but yeah. Got chased down by Azazel.


I had something interesting happen before I learned how to evoke. I was sitting alone at a bus stop, smoking and thinking about how pathetic my life was at that point. Suddenly I had this guy in a pretty sharp suit appear when I looked up with a big grin (this was in the poor part of the city so almost no one dressed like that) and told me “not to worry”. When I asked him worry about what, he laughed and replied “life”. Some noise distracted me and when I looked back where he was, he was gone (completely vanished, not just walked away and we were alone so he did not get lost in a crowd or anything)


I have seen Lucifer and Satan come to me.

I was just wondering what does it take for a pact to be official with the devil can I made a deal when I was 9 years old in 1990 verbal a house in exchange for my soul and another a transformation and a wife in exchange for a seal of the beast an RFID chip on my skin in my hand I know the first one came true but the second one I made in 2016 and it has not come true true I lost 70 pounds of bodyfat in less than a year but I expected something different…

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I’m having trouble introducing myself because please send me a link where I can introduce myself please I don’t want my posts deleted I take you guys seriously like you did take me seriously

Yes, it’s probably some deity…