Has anyone else worked directly with Amaymon?

I just had my first encounter with him (or some aspect of him), a bit unexpectedly while traveling the astral realms. I’d be curious to compare notes on experiences. It’s worth noting that I don’t really do evocation anymore, as I prefer to meet spirits in their own realms.

These are the notes from my travel journal:

"I travelled this time in search for further increased willpower, and absolute control over my mind and body. A sandalphon directed to the left of my portal, at the edge of the desert. After walking through a jungle and passing a lion and a random spirit, I entered a cave. The cave took a remarkably long time to go through (a test of determination I believe), hosting at the entrance a shrine used to illuminate the passages. A 3 (or 7?) headed dragon like creature chained to the walls in a colder, ice laden, area of the cave, several hundred feet down, And finally a throne room with two urns on either side of the room, with the throne in the center.

One urn contained unpurified (alchemical) salts, the other purified mercury and sulfur. I purified the salts with fire (calcination), combined the two parts, and consumed the quintessence. Spikes or blades of some type were thrust throughout my body and I fell over bleeding out, but I willed the blood back in, and it obeyed. I believe this quintessence has the same properties of the ring mentioned in grimoires, which allows you to remain unharmed in Amaymon’s presence.

A skeletal corpse lay upon the throne. I poured some of my blood upon it (an offering) and it came to life. The spirit was a very thin, almost emaciated slightly older gentleman in a well fitted suite, with long black hair and scars upon his face, and a cane or scepter in his right hand. He was friendly, but reserved. The sort of person who could act like your best friend, but turn around kill you in an instant if you crossed them.

We talked about my goals, and he took me into another chamber where an oval-esque (yeah… vagina shaped) shield like object sat upon a carved out area of the wall. On the shield was a hole surrounded by two golden ram or goat heads. Inside the hole was a bright golden light that shined out. I was told to consume the light, so I did. I had mild visual hallucinations in my physical eyes upon doing so. I was told the light would empower me to accomplish my goals.

We approached then an exit from the cave into a moonlit forest. In a display of his power, Amaymon flicked his wrist and every tree fell. He then took me to a well further down the path. The well showed myself idealized, having accomplished my goals. The entity then “poisoned” the well, turning it red, then black and oily. The substance sprang forth and consumed me, fusing with my spirit.

He then stated I would have a major trial within 3 days that would initiate major change in my life. I must stay strong through it, and it will give me the abilities I seek. If I do not, the powers granted me will be taken away.

A raven perched on my shoulder, and he said the raven would guide me further. I then departed feeling rather empowered. "

I posted something about my experience with him when talking about my daemonic conception, copied below - before I entered his realm, I spoke to one of his “lieutenants” regarding something I wanted done - it was a small thing that I felt served the wider agenda of black magick in general, as well as me personally.

The entity I spoke to first was wearing almost a military uniform, the formal type with silver buttons and braid from the past, and seated at a desk outside a large pair of double doors, which I understood to be the chamber of the demonic King himself. I told him of my request and the reason, and he gave me a time-frame for its completion.

After it happened - a few days later than I was told (perhaps it was my comprehension that was at fault), but exactly as specified in every other way - I went back to thank him, and this time the chamber doors opened and I spoke with Amaymon himself.

On the second visit, the chamber appeared as I described above, and he then appeared as a seated figure on a throne, dressed in a large robe that had some kind of military-style braid on the shoulders, a very impressive figure - I thanked him again, and left.

Since then I’ve felt his presence more strongly and I seem to be in partial contact with him at all times, as I seem to be with any number of demonic entities since conceiving a demonic child.

I got the impression he was a stand-up, honest, and helpful entity, and I enjoyed working with him and hope to do so in the near future on other projects.


he show himself to me as black haired and bearded man with black robe
he is handsome, good looking guy with warm aura

his face like ben barness but with long hair and beard

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Any time I have worked with him he has been very nice. The first time we met he was more stern and quiet. Reserved and businesslike. Since then he has become a lot friendlier and the last time I called him he seemed happy to be here. I was surprised, actually, at the happy familiar energy coming off him.